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Date posted
November 5, 2014

The trucking and mass transit industries play important roles in the daily lives of most Americans, including Ohio residents. No store or businesses could operate without trucks delivering goods and shipping out orders. In big cities, public transportation such as buses, help get people to their destinations quickly and generally on time.

Despite their benefits, commercial vehicles are also often destructive whenever they are involved in accidents. Our webpage discusses how commercial vehicle accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. This puts anyone sharing the road with commercial trucks and buses at risk. Any accident has the possibility of injuring or killing people.

Commercial trucks are involved in the most common type of accident involving commercial vehicles throughout the United States. One recent example was the New Jersey truck accident that injured comedian Tracy Morgan and killed one of his friends in a limousine taxi. The truck driver involved in the accident was working for retail giant Wal-Mart and had not slept for more than 24 hours. In this type of accident, every detail and bit of information regarding the accident is used to determine the cause. Fortunately, our legal team has thorough experience in conducting accident investigations and analyzing the evidence to help determine fault.

We are knowledgeable in handling accidents involving businesses of all sizes. Among the challenges associated with such cases is determining the potential fault of a truck driver. We know that trucking companies try to minimize their liability in any accident. We have the skills and knowledge to deal with evidence that is deliberately misconstrued or even falsified in order to avoid liability.

The emotional and financial well-being of commercial vehicle accident victims is our priority. To meet that goal, we are committed to helping them obtain the best possible outcome in their cases.