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Due to the potentially hazardous cargo they carry, an accident with a tanker truck can be catastrophic. If you have been injured in an accident with one of these vehicles, call a skilled Ohio injury attorney with considerable experience handling truck accident cases.

Tanker Truck Accidents

A tanker trucker is like a semi-truck that is designed to carry liquids and gasses, including hazardous materials. It is noticeable by the horizontal cylindrical container behind the truck cab. You may have seen these trucks when driving around town or on the highway.

If you have been involved in an accident with a tanker truck, you need to work with an experienced Ohio personal injury lawyer who knows about these kinds of vehicles, who is responsible for them, and how to handle accident claims arising from crashes they cause.

If you were injured in a collision with a tanker truck, do not hesitate to contact the Ohio truck accident lawyers of Kisling, Nestico & Redick right away. We have experience handling tanker truck accidents.

Through our investigation, we will determine who is liable for your injuries and gather evidence to support your claim. Our number one priority will be to obtain you the greatest amount of compensation possible in your situation

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Causes of Tanker Truck Accidents

The most common types of tanker truck accidents include rollovers, running off the road, jackknifing, and rear-end collisions. These are often the result of negligent driving for weather and road conditions. The person behind the wheel must be highly trained, otherwise, they are at risk of causing an accident.

Tankers are very heavy and may have a higher center of gravity, which is far different than a more common semi-truck carrying dry goods. Tanker truck drivers carrying liquids also have to be cognizant of movement within the tank. Liquid that has room to flow and slosh around greatly increases the odds of an accident.

Tanker truck accidents can result from poor maintenance. These trucks require thorough and specific inspections, and defects cannot go unnoticed or unrepaired. If a driver, trucking company, or other business fails to properly maintain a tanker, it increases the likelihood of an accident related to a defective vehicle.

Another common cause of tanker truck accidents is carrying a liquid, gas, or radioactive material in an inappropriate tank. There are many different types of tankers, which are specified to carry different types of cargo. Some are insulated or pressurized. Some carry one type of cargo in a large tank while others have divided tanks for different liquids or gasses or to prevent movement.

A tanker’s specifications determine what it can haul. For instance, a tanker truck qualified to carry water may not be eligible to carry a flammable liquid like gasoline. Businesses may seek to save money by purchasing cheaper tanks and using them to transport materials that need more expensive tanks. Businesses may also use older tanks that are worn and in need of replacement

Tanker Truck Cargo May Lead to Serious Injuries

Tankers often carry hazardous materials, referred to as hazmat. When these tankers crash with other vehicles, their cargo makes them more likely to cause a serious accident, debilitating injuries, and fatalities than a semi-truck carrying dry goods or livestock.

That is because tankers with flammable cargo are more likely to explode or catch fire. These incidents can result in burns and injuries from smoke inhalation.

Other hazmats can cause chemical burns to the eyes, skin, and lungs if inhaled. Some chemicals, if absorbed through the skin, inhaled, or ingested during the accident could be poisonous as well.

Who is Responsible for Tanker Truck Accidents?

Tanker trucks can be difficult to drive and it is essential that the drivers have the proper training and qualifications.

If the trucker does not have the required commercial driver’s license and endorsement for the vehicle and cargo involved in your crash, then you may be able to hold the trucker and trucking company responsible for negligent hiring and retention. At KNR, we will immediately investigate as to whether the trucker was qualified to be driving the rig.

The owner of the truck may also be responsible for injuries if they were using an inappropriate tanker for the cargo or had not properly maintained the rig over time. Both of these actions greatly decrease the safety of the vehicle and increase the risk of a crash.

If a defective tanker truck causes your injuries, then the designer or manufacturer of the vehicle may be liable for your injuries. For example, a company may have sold a vehicle it stated was rated for certain hazmat.

Yet defects in the vehicle made it unreliable and dangerous for the cargo. If defects lead to the crash that caused your injuries, then the business responsible for the defect may be required to compensate you.

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