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Whether you are hurt in a car accident on Interstate 75, lost a loved one in a truck crash on I 675, or are injured by a botched medical procedure at Miami Valley Hospital, Ohio personal injury law (O.R.C 2307) gives you the right to seek compensation. These laws are designed to make you financially whole after suffering various personal injury damages and return you to the life you had before an act of negligence caused you harm.


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An Overview

Personal Injury Attorneys in Dayton, Ohio

When people in Montgomery County, Ohio, suffer injuries or tragic deaths due to another’s actions, the Dayton injury lawyers at KNR can help. Let our team of local personal injury attorneys explain Ohio personal injury law, help you navigate the legal and claims process, and seek the financial compensation you need to move on.

Our mission is to aid in your recovery – physically and financially. Our Dayton personal injury lawyers offer 100% free consultations, charge nothing upfront, and will tell you what to expect from a personal injury settlement or lawsuit.

How KNR Helps

Why Work with Our Dayton Personal Injury Law Firm?

KNR makes the legal system as pain-free as possible for injury victims across Montgomery County, Ohio. Our Dayton personal injury lawyers know what you’re going through and how hard filing an insurance claim or civil case is. That’s why we make working with KNR easy.

Our Dayton Injury Lawyers Will

  • Investigate, collect evidence, and find those at fault.
  • Interview witnesses, medical professionals, and financial experts.
  • Communicate with the insurer, make liability clear, and pursue max compensation.
  • Determine your claim’s full and fair value – what you lost and deserve.
  • Keep you informed and involved. Our injury attorneys are available by phone, text, email, or Zoom.
  • Protect your rights and, if necessary, take your case to court.
  • Never charge you upfront. If there’s no recovery, there’s no cost.

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Personal Injury: Eligibility & Examples

Personal Injury Claims & Lawsuits in Dayton, Ohio

You should not bear the financial burden for someone else’s wrongful or negligent behavior. So regardless of if you fell at an Oregon District business because the property owner failed to fix a hazard or were t-boned by a distracted driver on East 5th, recovering what you deserve generally means filing a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault party or their insurance company. To do this successfully, you must prove negligence, establish liability, and detail the compensation you’re owed.

Negligence Defined in Ohio Personal Injury Law

Legally, negligence is what an “ordinary person” would have done in similar circumstances. If the alleged party at fault failed to act in this way and subsequently caused your injuries, they’re considered negligent.

For instance, if a drunk driver hits you on Far Hills Ave in Kettering, the other driver would be considered negligent because they didn’t act like an “ordinary person” would have done by driving under the influence of alcohol. Other examples of driver negligence include speeding, running a red light, and distracted driving.

Proving Negligence in Dayton Personal Injury Cases

While the facts in your Dayton personal injury case will be unique, proving negligence requires:

  • You Were Owed a Duty of Care: The party who caused your accident was expected to act or take reasonable care (follow traffic laws, provide proper medical care, and keep an area safe).
  • The Duty Was Breached: The party in question did not meet their obligation (a driver was speeding, a doctor failed to examine you, or a property owner ignored a hazard).
  • The Breach Caused Harm: The accident resulted in injuries or harm. Examples include car accidents, failing to diagnose an illness, or slipping and falling on a neglected property.
  • You Suffered Damages: You must demonstrate that the accident or injuries resulted in you suffering physical and financial damages, like medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

You’ll need evidence to prove the other party’s negligence to an insurance company or court. Our Dayton injury attorneys accomplish this with your medical and financial documents, witness reports, and expert testimony.

What If I’m Also At Fault?

Ohio follows a “modified comparative negligence rule.” Your degree of responsibility reduces your potential financial award, whether it’s a settlement or verdict.

So, if you were a pedestrian struck by a vehicle on North Main Street but were outside of the crosswalk, you could share some of the blame. Therefore, if you’re found to be 10% at fault, your possible compensation will be reduced by 10%. Keep in mind that if you’re determined to be more than 50% responsible, you can’t recover any amount of compensation.

Common Injuries in Montgomery & Greene County, Ohio

Our Dayton personal injury attorneys provide personalized legal service and aggressive representation to injury victims across the Miami Valley Region when they are hurt through no fault of their own. Our Dayton personal injury law firm routinely assists clients across the area who are suffering from:


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Kisling, Nestico & Redick has been helping injury victims in Dayton, Ohio for over 15 years. Our personal injury lawyers in Dayton, OH proudly assist people to get back to the life they had before another’s carelessness caused them harm.

Recover from the Harm Done

Personal injury Compensation in Dayton, Ohio

A lot goes into determining the value of your injury claim. For the most part, the total compensation  (economic & non-economic) you can expect in a personal injury lawsuit or claim is related to:

  • The severity of your injuries,
  • Your economic & non-economic losses
  • If the injury impacted your daily life
  • Any shared fault for your injuries
  • The parties involved & insurance limits

Our personal injury attorneys in Dayton, OH can assess your situation by reviewing the details and how the accident and injuries impacted your life. 

Economic Compensation in Dayton Personal Injury Cases

These are the standard financial losses someone experiences after an injury or loss. They usually have exact figures supported by receipts and records.

Economic damages include:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Property Damage

Non-Economic Damages in Dayton Personal Injury Cases

These losses represent what you deserve for the other, less tangible ways your life was affected by an injury. Examples include pain and suffering and decreased quality of life.

Can I Recover Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages are another type of personal injury compensation. While usually only available in extreme cases, punitive damages are in addition to the other types of damages you can recover and intended to punish the at-fault party if their conduct was malicious, intentional, or grossly negligent. For instance, Punitive damages may be possible in a drunk driving case if the driver was significantly impaired or a business could be held liable under Ohio dram shop law.

Negotiating a Personal Injury Settlement in Dayton, OH

Most Dayton personal injury claims and lawsuits settle. And while a personal injury settlement is a faster way to resolve your claim, you should ensure any settlement offer covers all your losses. This means it should account for the damages you already incurred and what you will need in the future. Common future needs may include surgery down the line, the income you will miss, or compensation for the physical pain you will continue to experience.

Remember that insurers often employ unsavory tactics, so you accept less than your claim’s full value. These methods include low-ball offers, diminishing your injuries, and suggesting you are at fault. Your Dayton personal injury lawyer should know their tactics and aggressively fight for your long-term interests.

Hold The Right Party Accountable

Personal Injury Lawsuits in Dayton, OH

After consulting with some of the best personal injury attorneys in Dayton, they will investigate your injury, gather evidence, identify the liable parties, and assess its viability in the local court system. Your Dayton injury attorney may advise filing a lawsuit to secure the appropriate amount, depending on the details.

Why File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Dayton, OH?

As previously stated, most injury cases reach an insurance settlement. But sometimes, insurers don’t want to negotiate or offer far less than what’s right. In these cases, your best option may be a personal injury lawsuit. Lawsuits are also common when severe injuries or wrongful death are involved.

With a personal injury lawsuit, you put the insurance company on notice, preserve your right to full and fair value, and ultimately strengthen your personal injury case by collecting evidence through the discovery process.

How Long Do You Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Dayton?

Personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years from the incident or upon discovering injuries under Ohio Revised Code 2305.10. While this seems like plenty of time, evidence and witnesses can disappear quickly. In addition, if the statute of limitations expires, you may be barred from seeking compensation altogether.

Learn More

Dayton Personal Injury Info & Resources

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Montgomery County, Ohio

Most Dayton personal injury cases are filed in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, located at 41 N Perry St, Dayton, OH 45422.

View the Local Court Rules
More Personal Injury Resources

Evidence in Dayton Personal Injury Cases

Demonstrating that another party’s negligence or recklessness caused your injuries and their resulting harm is more complicated than most expect. Responsibility may be clear to you but proving it to an insurer or jury requires evidence.

The evidence in your personal injury case may include:

  • Accident Reports
  • Medical Records
  • Photos & Injuries
  • Medical Bills
  • Financial Documents
  • Insurance Forms
  • Witness Statements
  • Expert Opinions/Testimony
  • Accident Reconstruction Data

More About Personal Injury Evidence

Advice From Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Dayton, OH

Whether it was a car accident in Hillcrest, a slip and fall in Miami Chapel, a dog bite in Linden Heights, or another injury anywhere around Dayton, if you or a loved one were hurt because of negligence, the following advice from our personal injury lawyers could be helpful:

  • Keep a journal: Document every detail about your accident and the pain you experienced.
  • Report the accident: This may be the police, your insurance company, or sometimes the person/business you believe is responsible.
  • Preserve Evidence: Proof is the key to personal injury cases in Dayton. Take photos or videos if you can and of your injuries.
  • Keep Medical Records: The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) gives you the right to a copy of your medical records from any provider.
  • Collect Docs & Info. Obtain police reports and any witnesses’ (names, addresses, and phone numbers). Give this and any financial records to your personal injury attorney.

What Are You Dealing With?

Dayton Personal Injury FAQs

How Much Is My Dayton Personal Injury Case Worth?

Your compensation will vary based on the facts and extent of your injuries. While there is no standard calculation, more significant injuries yield higher awards and settlements. You can better understand what you can expect by speaking with one of the best personal injury lawyers in Dayton.

What Are the Odds of Success in a Dayton Personal Injury Case?

Success can mean many things based on the details. Your personal injury settlement could mean paying your medical bills or getting the necessary treatment after a car crash. And while there are no guarantees, here are a few ways to improve your odds of success.

Do I Need a Dayton Personal Injury Lawyer?

Insurance companies are quick to suggest you can resolve things without a personal injury attorney. However, when your case involves significant bills, issues regarding liability, or you need maximum compensation, you should work with an experienced Dayton personal injury lawyer. This provides an objective and professional opinion about your personal injury claim and how to proceed.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer in Dayton, OH Cost?

Most quality personal injury law firms in Dayton, including KNR, take cases on contingency. Your personal injury lawyer does not get paid unless you obtain a jury award or financial settlement.