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KNR Client Nathaniel Pope

Nathaniel Pope

"Make sure you are taking care of yourself and go with the rockstar team."

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KNR Client Emily Vogel

Emily V

"It felt like they took me by the hand and walked me through it."

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KNR client Brittany Nesser

Brittany N

"I would definitely choose KNR again."

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KNR Client Brittany Bowen

Brittany B

"Give them a chance because they'll get the job done."

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Woman with serious expression

Becky A

"They helped us along the way with every question we had, they kept us in the loop on the progress of the case, answered anything we asked them and were constantly in touch with us, giving us information step by step and helping us."

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Man in tie with smile

Mark E

"They don’t stop, they give it there all. It’s almost like being on a football team and they’re your teammate. They’re for you, they’re fighting for you, for everything."

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Smiling woman in purple shirt

Olivia W

"The attorneys there were really friendly, it was easy to talk to them. They made me feel really comfortable. They ended up settling my case and I was thrilled with the outcome."

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Smiling older woman with glasses

Irma H

"After my initial meeting with the attorneys at KNR, it lifted the burden from my shoulders because I felt I had somebody that I could rely on to help me. I would recommend the attorneys at KNR to anyone that was hurt in an accident. It was a huge relief that they were on my side."

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Young man smiling in suit

Tommy H

"Working with them was very easy, the process was great. I would definitely recommend them to other people."

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Young man looking serious

Gino M

"The attorneys at KNR really fought for me and they did a good job."

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