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If another driver rear-ended your car, you know how frustrating the aftermath can be, between sorting out insurance troubles and recovering compensation.
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March 13, 2023

Ohio car accidents range from slight fender benders to major pile-ups, but one of the most common types of crashes is rear-end collisions. While often dismissed as minor, rear-end car crashes can still result in significant injuries and damages.

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Common Causes of Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end car accidents occur when one driver crashes into the back of another vehicle. This can happen due to:

  • Following too closely
  • Sudden braking (i.e. on a highway or at a stop light)
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding

If you or a loved one are injured by another driver’s negligence, you can pursue compensation for your damages. Learn who could be at fault in your rear-end accident, how to prove it, and the steps you can take to recover full compensation.

Who Is at Fault for a Rear-End Crash?

The driver behind the other vehicle is often at fault for causing a rear-end accident. They likely followed too closely to the car ahead of them and failed to pay attention to their surroundings.

Even if the car in front suddenly braked, the rear driver should’ve left enough space to accommodate. Drivers have a duty to be safe and prepared on the roads, following other vehicles at a safe distance.

Under Ohio law, there is a general presumption that the behind driver is at fault in a rear-end accident. It may take ample evidence to prove otherwise, but there are instances where both drivers are liable, or the front driver is entirely liable.

Recovering Compensation After a Rear-End Accident

Ohio is an at-fault state for car accidents. You can typically file a claim through the at-fault driver’s insurance to recover compensation after a rear-end crash.

If the other driver doesn’t have the required insurance, you may need to file a claim through your own policy if you have uninsured/underinsured coverage.

For most rear-end accidents, the back driver will be at fault and liable for covering the front driver’s damages. As the liable party, their insurance company will be responsible for making you “whole” again through compensation.

Rear-End Crash Damages

There are multiple damages you can recover after a rear-end accident in Ohio. Damages are the losses you sustain after an accident, and can be non-economic and economic, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages from work absences
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

Rear-End Crash FAQs

Can the front driver be at fault in a rear-end crash?

There are cases where you may be at fault as the leading driver in a rear-end crash. Possible times where a front driver could be held liable include:

  • The front driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • They drove distracted
  • They reversed their car into the vehicle behind them
  • They drove with broken taillights
  • They drove recklessly (i.e. brake checking)

Who is at fault for a rear-end crash involving multiple vehicles?

The driver at fault in a pile-up accident is typically the first driver who rear-ended the car in front of them. These “chain-reaction” accident cases are often more complicated than a standard rear-end crash, however, and fault could extend to multiple parties.

Can you file a lawsuit for a rear-end accident in Ohio?

Yes, you can file a lawsuit over a rear-end accident in Ohio. If you find that a claim is not enough to cover all of your injuries, or you otherwise wish to take your case to trial, an experienced car accident attorney can help defend you in court and secure the maximum compensation.

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