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Using Expert Car Accident Witnesses

If you’re involved in a car accident, your primary concern is, of course, your health. Once you have received the appropriate medical care, you are likely concerned with fixing your vehicle. It is important to note that car accident claims can be extremely challenging and may require information that you do not have. In situations like this, expert witnesses can help fill in the blanks to assist in proving your claim.

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What Do Car Accident Expert Witnesses Do?

Expert witnesses are usually brought into a car accident cases to explain evidence or provide a technical perspective on a subject that a layperson would not normally know about. A common example is an accident reconstructionist who can walk a jury through the physics of a car accident to illustrate its severity or who caused it. Car accident experts come from several fields and may testify in a trial in an area where they are knowledgeable or submit reports to strengthen a compensation claim.

How KNR Uses Experts to Benefit Your Case

Aside from having a knowledgeable professional explain various aspects of your car accident, there are other advantages to hiring an expert witness.

Experts provide credibility. At KNR our network of industry professionals work in the areas we are discussing every day. Their insight can connect the dots for a juror or insurance company representative.

Typically, experts also have certain ethical or professional standards in their field. This affords their testimony a degree of impartiality. This can keep the focus on the facts of your case, which is helpful in personal injury claims where insurance companies work hard to cast doubt on your injuries and their client’s degree of fault.

Types of Car Accident Expert Witnesses

There are multiple categories of experts in a car accident case, and more than one can apply.

Medical and Injury Experts

The testimony of a medical expert is relevant in an accident where injuries were sustained that required medical attention. If this is the case, the doctor who treated the injuries can provide information such as:

  • The number of injuries
  • Where the injuries are located
  • How severe the injuries are
  • What initial treatment the injuries required
  • What future treatment the injuries will require

The medical expert can also give their opinion on what sort of restrictions or hindrances the injuries will place on your daily life. If you’ve sustained any type of injury in your accident, you should use your physician as a medical expert.

Economic Experts

Economic experts generally calculate the value of things that were lost or damaged in the accident. Some of these factors may seem rather straightforward, such as your lost wages or damages to your vehicle.

An economic expert will also be able to pinpoint more subtle losses. These can include promotions or job opportunities you lost due to your injuries. Additionally, inflation and rising medical costs can factor into an economic expert’s analysis.

Accident Reconstruction Specialists

Accident reconstruction specialists attempt to recreate the scenario in which an accident occurred. Combining testimony with their knowledge of the area, a reconstructionist can provide useful information, such as how fast the vehicles in the crash may have been going, signs in the area, or places the drivers’ vision may have been restricted.

Rehab Specialists

A rehabilitation specialist could be a physical therapist, a social worker, or another form of specialist familiar with your injuries and rehab process. A rehabilitation specialist examines how your rehab will affect your employment. This includes how long it will take you to return to your original employment if you can. Alternatively, they can examine how long it will take you to be retrained in another discipline or profession, if necessary. They may collaborate with your physician to determine how much your recovery will ultimately cost you, both in time and financially.

Engineering Experts

If you believe problems with the road itself caused your accident, you may want to find an engineering expert. An engineering expert will have an extensive understanding of street and construction regulations and will be able to comment on any possible issues that could have caused your accident.

Where to Find an Expert Witness

Just as no two accidents are the same, the particular expert you need will depend on your specific case. In some instances, an Internet search will yield the results you need. If you have access to a legal database, searching for cases that mention expert testimony may help.

If you don’t have access to a legal database, you can ask someone who was in an accident similar to yours if they used an expert witness. Knowing an expert has testified in a case that resembles yours increases the odds they will be a good fit for you. A skilled car accident lawyer will also probably be able to point you to an expert’s way.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Can Assist You After a Car Crash

Whether or not you need an expert witness, dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can seem insurmountable. Strong legal representation can help ensure you get everything you need to recover. If you’ve been injured in a car crash, you should contact Kisling, Nestico & Redick. Our attorneys can answer your questions about expert witnesses, compensation, and everything in-between.

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