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January 15, 2021

It’s essential to gather all of the evidence you can after a car crash. This is how you establish fault, and the insurance company will want more than “he said, she said” to prove what happened. You probably think that traffic cam footage would greatly benefit your claim, but you need to know if it even exists and how to get it.

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How Do I Know if There Was a Traffic Cam?

When looking for traffic cam footage of your car accident, we will begin finding out if a camera exists in the vicinity of your crash.

Many cities, including Akron, Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, have traffic cameras everywhere. Some of them can be viewed live on WeatherBug:

Most of these cameras are located on highways. However, there are stoplight cameras on many downtown traffic lights as well. There are more than 1,600 red light cams in Ohio, 600 speed cameras, and over 400 license plate cameras. Other cameras monitor toll roads or other locations. Locations of these cameras can be seen at

What Are Your Next Steps if There’s a Traffic Cam?

If there was a traffic cam near your car accident, we would request the footage for your incident date and time. The request will have to be made to the Ohio Department of Transportation. This can take some time. They will need to know the crossroads where your crash occurred, the exact date, and a time range.

Traffic cam footage is public record in Ohio. Anyone who was involved in the crash can view it. Likely, the insurance company for the other driver will also request the footage. We must get it quickly so we can analyze what happened and who is at fault. This will give us a leg up when negotiating your settlement.

What if There Was No ODOT Traffic Cam?

Even if there was no official ODOT traffic camera, there might still be video evidence of your crash. Many drivers have cameras in their vehicles, especially semi-trucks and motorcycle riders. Private companies also have security cameras that might be available.

KNR must send a team to investigate your accident scene to determine if there were other cameras there. We will also interview witnesses and other drivers involved to see if they know of video cameras that might have recorded what happened.

If there is no video footage at all, we will still collect other evidence to support your claim. We will interview witnesses and look at the damage to the vehicles. In some cases, we will hire experts and an accident reconstructionist to determine what happened and who is at fault.

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It can be challenging to collect all the evidence you need to support your insurance claim after a crash. That’s where KNR comes in. With a record of success and decades of experience fighting for car accident victims, ae will handle everything while you focus on recovering.

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