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Fortunately, Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) offers certain protections if you sustained an injury or illness at work, regardless of fault. And while filing a workers’ compensation claim is a viable and practical option, it may not cover all a work accident cost you or provide compensation if a third party’s negligence caused your work injury.

If you’ve been injured at work, our Canton work injury attorneys at KNR have the knowledge and understanding you need to navigate the legal process. Our team of Canton lawyers advocates for work injury victims and know what it tkes to maximize compensation. Call KNR today at (330) 488-1234 for a free consultation.

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Common Work-Related Injuries

Workplace injuries can cause serious physical damage and psychological side effects and may be severe enough to cause permanent or long-lasting damage.

  • Back injuries including lower back injuries, spine injuries, and herniated discs
  • Joint injuries, including shoulder injuries, elbow injuries, hip injuries, and knee injuries
  • Stress fractures
  • Tendonitis
  • Repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Brain injuries including concussions and traumatic brain injuries
  • Crush injuries (from limbs caught in machines and heavy equipment)
  • Psychological conditions
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome
  • Occupational diseases from exposure to toxins or chemicals

Work injuries may be keeping you in varying degrees of pain, out of work, on disability, in debt, or simply unable to participate in your day-to-day life at full capacity. Work injuries can require both nonsurgical care as well as invasive surgery and you may also need weeks of physical therapy to correct the problem and eliminate the pain.

Canton Work Injuries: Common Causes

Occupational hazards can vary depending on where you work and what you do. A substantial number of reported workplace injuries are caused by accidents related to malfunctioning or neglected equipment or other repetitive or unnatural movement that can inhibit your body long term. Common causes of work injuries in Ohio include:

  • Falls
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Falling objects
  • Equipment-related injuries
  • Automobile collisions
  • Fire and explosions
  • Building or trench collapses
  • Heat stroke or hypothermia
  • Respiratory diseases including asbestos, a startlingly high statistic in Ohio, and silicosis

What to Do After a Work Injury

If you or a loved one have sustained a work injury because of the actions or negligence of your supervisors, your company, or another related person or entity, you may be able to open a work injury case and worker’s compensation for your loss. Medical treatment and rehabilitation related to work injuries are often long-term and can be incredibly costly. It is important to seek compensation for damages for workplace injuries. If you are injured at work:

  • Seek immediate medical attention. Aultman Hospital is a leading medical facility in the Canton, Ohio area.
  • Notify your supervisor/employer about your work injury.
  • When you fill out paperwork at your doctor’s office or the local hospital, name your MCO. Your employer, you, or your doctor must then file the visit on your worker’s compensation claim. The statute of limitations is two years in Ohio, so you should file within that time frame.
  • Your doctor should report your visit within 24 hours to the BWC.
  • Inform your pharmacist that your prescription is for an Ohio workers’ compensation claim and provide your BWC claim number if you’ve already filed your claim.
  • If you are essentially able to return to work but may be affected by your work injuries while still in recovery, you may want to work with your doctors and employers to modify your job and continue receiving a paycheck. Your employer may also provide you with transitional work based on approved medical restrictions as a temporary solution.

Our Canton work injury attorneys can guide you through every step of understanding the legal process, help you get treatment, and assist you in seeking compensation.

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Work Injury: Compensation Options

Depending on the facts and circumstances involved, you may be entitled to financial relief after a work-related accident through:

Ohio Workers’ Compensation System

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) ensures covered workers have certain benefits if they are injured on the job. Ohio workers’ compensation laws provide compensation for lost wages and medical care, so the injured worker can obtain the necessary medical attention they need for a full recovery.

At KNR, we ask, ‘what can we do?’ so you move on with more.

Social Security Disability (SSD)

SSD is a federal program, and benefits are paid through the Social Security Administration. SSD provides you with income if you become disabled and are unable to work. Unlike workers’ compensation, your disability does not need to result from a work-related injury or condition. To be eligible for SSD, you must have

  • Earned sufficient credits over 10 years
  • Paid into the social security system through previous employment
  • Been diagnosed with an SSA recognized disabling condition
  • Been unable to work for a year or have an expected fatal condition.

File a Third Party Work Injury Claim or Lawsuit

Third-party claims refer to lawsuits or insurance claim against non-employers who are responsible for your work injuries. While workers’ comp may cover medical bills and a portion of your wages, a third-party claim can provide you with a settlement or jury verdict to pay for other losses such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and a decrease of enjoyment of life.

Third Party Liability Vs. Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation offers protection from personal injury lawsuits to companies while also providing necessary benefits to workers. However, the benefits may not fully compensate you for your losses.

When a third party other than you or your employer is responsible for your injuries, you may have another option to obtain compensation for your losses. You can hold another individual or company liable for your injuries through a personal injury lawsuit. For example, if a piece of equipment you use on the job was defectively manufactured, you may be able to hold the manufacturing company responsible for the injuries that you sustained.

Examples of third-party claims include:

  • The manufacturer of a defective vehicle, machine, or tool
  • A negligent driver in a car accident that happened while you were working.
  • A landlord who failed to keep their premises safe and free of hazards
  • An reckless vendor or subcontractor who was performing work on your job site
  • The owner of a dog who attacked you while you were working

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Sustaining a work injury can be traumatic With immense pain, concerned family, and enormous medical costs, you may not know what’s next or how to recover what you need.

Our Canton attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick have extensive experience obtaining maximum compensation for job-related injuries. We will guide you through every step of the legal process. With our help, you may be able to obtain the max for your injuries.

At KNR, we ask, ‘what can we do?’ so you move on with more.

At KNR, our work injury attorneys will:

  • Answer your questions and concerns
  • Keep you updated during all stages of the process
  • Obtain medical records about the extent of your work injury
  • Identify any negligent third party
  • Determine the fair and full value of your damages
  • Negotiate for maximum compensation
  • Fight for everything you deserve in court if necessary

Canton Work Injury FAQs

How Do I Prove Negligence Caused a Work Accident?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system in Ohio, but you can hold a negligent outside third party liable if you can prove:

  • The Party Owed You a Duty of Care
  • This Party Breached Their Obligation to You
  • The Breach of Duty Resulted in Your Injuries
  • You suffered financial damages and other harm

How Long Do Work Injury Claims Take

Each case is different, but according to Ohio BWC estimates that it takes approximately, 3-4 months after the worker’s compensation application is filed to receive a settlement. If third party negligence and other parties are involved, this can either speed up or extend the process. It’s best to consult an experienced lawyer about your situation.

How Long Do I Have to File a Work Accident Claim?

Ohio law sets a one-year statute of limitations for injured workers to file a worker’s comp claim. This limit is two years in cases of occupational diseases. If you are pursuing a third-party liability claim or lawsuit, the general two-year personal injury state of limitation likely applies.