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July 5, 2021

Motorcycle accidents are as different as the riders and drivers involved. And so is the compensation you could receive. Working with a motorcycle accident lawyer is the best way to identify the at-fault party and pursue damages.

To learn more about fair compensation in Ohio motorcycle accident claims, see below.

Adding Up Motorcycle Damages

One factor to getting fair compensation for a motorcycle crash is knowing the value of your damages. Damages are the economic and emotional losses caused by your injuries.

A motorcycle crash lawyer understands how to determine a monetary value for your injuries. These are some common damages in motorcycle accidents:

Maximizing Your Ohio Motorcycle Accident Claim

Your Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer can help maximize your potential compensation. Look for representation with deep knowledge of liability and negligence law. This gives you an advantage when negotiating with at-fault drivers and insurance companies.

It takes evidence to support your insurance claim for maximum effect. Examples of motorcycle accident evidence include:

  • Police and crash reports
  • Witnesses statements and follow-up interviews, if necessary
  • Your medical records and doctor reports
  • Receipts and documented expenses
  • Documentation and expert testimony to support your case

By knowing where to look for unseen costs of the crash, how to negotiate with insurers and at-fault drivers, and when to accept or deny a settlement, your lawyer can maximize the compensation you receive.

Negotiating an Insurance Settlement

Insurance companies often lose money when they payout claims, even valid ones. They look for any excuse to deny, delay, or downplay your injuries and damages. That’s why you should have a legal advocate to counter these measures, highlight the car accident’s negative impact on your life, and help you get maximum compensation.

Avoid Lowball Offers

Insurance companies prefer dealing with accident victims directly. They know that you are hurt and upset. It may be tempting to accept a fast offer. However, immediate offers are usually lowball amounts. They are inadequate to cover your medical bills, lost pay, repairs, and other losses that pop up in the following weeks or months.

Please don’t take any offer from an insurance adjuster until you call a lawyer. The consultation is free, and it could help you recover more in damages.

Fight Unfair Biker Stereotypes

There are many kinds of motorcycle riders, but often, insurance companies use an unfair stereotype of a reckless rider. In our experience, most riders are not at fault for the crash. However, suppose an insurance company convinces the court that you share even a small part of the blame. Your compensation is reduced under Ohio’s comparative negligence law.

For example, if the insurer can convince the court that you hold 15% of the blame for your accident, you can only get 85% of the compensation you need. If they manage to blame you for more than 50% of the blame, you could get nothing.

When you’re injured and in need of compensation, losing some or all of your potential insurance compensation is scary.

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