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Date posted
March 24, 2015

Obtaining Witness Accounts of Your Crash Could Help Your Case

Witnesses can easily make or break the outcome of who is determined to be at-fault in an auto accident. Be sure to have as many witnesses as you can to ensure you are not incorrectly cited for an accident you did not cause.

Imagine it is a beautiful sunny day and you are driving home from work when suddenly, out-of-nowhere, you are in an accident. Your car spins several times, you hit your head, and you become very frazzled. The first thing you do is regain composure and make sure you are not hurt. If you are lucky enough to not have severe injuries, you get out of your car to ensure everyone else is ok. You remember your light was green and several people attest to the same scenario. You gather information from a witness and thank them for helping.

When the police get to the scene, you relay the information but find out the other driver also says they had a green light and, not one, but two witnesses on their side. Despite having a witness recall the same details as you leading up to the crash, you are still cited. But how could this happen?

Many people think having one witness is enough and fail to obtain information from other potential witnesses, but this is a mistake often learned the hard way. If the other driver has more witnesses, many times the party with less people on their side, ends up being cited. Without video footage or pictures of the crash, police may be forced to assign fault based on what other people say. So what should you do?

It is important for your case to gather as many witnesses as you can and obtain their contact information so your personal injury attorney can contact them for a statement regarding your accident claim. While your accident lawyer can challenge the claims of other witnesses, if you have additional people on your side, your case can be stronger.

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