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December 29, 2017

Now that it’s finally winter, you should make it a top priority to drive safely on snowy and icy roads. By adhering to these winter driving tips, you can reduce your risk of getting into an accident and keep yourself and other drivers safe all season long.

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Tips to Follow After a Winter Driving Accident

Remove All Debris
Before you get in the driver’s seat, you should remove all snow and ice from your windshields. Debris should also be removed from your windows as well as the top and sides of your vehicle.

Allow a Greater Distance Between You and the Vehicle in Front of You
When you are driving in normal conditions, you should allow for three to four seconds of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. However, when there is snow and ice on the road, this changes to eight to ten seconds.

Avoid Speeding
Speeding in the winter can increase your risk of causing an accident. Therefore, stay at or drive below the speed limit when the roads are full of snow and ice. To help yourself resist the urge to speed, give yourself more time to get to your destinations.

Reduce Distractions
Although distracted driving is always dangerous, it is especially risky in the winter. To ensure that your eyes are on the road and hands are on the wheel at all times, refrain from using your smartphone, eating, or doing anything else that will distract you from your driving.

Brake Slowly
The winter is not the time to slam on your brakes. By braking slowly, you give yourself plenty of time to come to a complete stop. If you hit a slippery road, ease off the gas and downshift prior to stepping on the brakes. Once you do brake, apply firm and steady pressure to prevent wheel lockup.

Avoid Stopping on a Hill
In the winter, you should never stop on a hill. If you do, you can put yourself in a scary situation where you are trapped and cannot progress forward.

Do Not Use Cruise Control
Cruise control is a useful feature when the weather is nice. However, using cruise control in the snow can make it difficult for you to react in time. Always maintain manual control of your car while driving on snowy or icy roads.

Turn on Headlights
During the winter, you should turn on your headlights – even during the day. This way, you will always be visible to other vehicles when you are driving in snowy conditions.

Stay Home in Snowstorms
If there is a snowstorm, you should stay home whenever possible. Although you may miss out on an event, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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While you may adhere to these winter driving tips, other drivers may not, and they can cause an accident that leaves you injured. If you find yourself in a winter driving accident, call the Ohio car accident attorneys of Kisling, Nestico & Redick right away. Contact us today at 1-800-HURT-NOW.