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Some documents may be crucial for your personal injury claim
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May 24, 2023

It might feel like a ton of documents are thrown at you after a car crash. Hospital bills, insurance releases, contact information, get well soon cards—keeping track of all the papers surrounding your accident can be overwhelming.

However, some documents may be crucial for your personal injury claim. Know which documents you’ll need in your Ohio car accident case and how they can help you secure a desirable outcome.

Medical Records

Any documentation you receive regarding your medical treatments, visits, and diagnoses is helpful in your car accident case. Medical records benefit your claim by proving the extent of your damages.

Suppose you visit the hospital after your wreck, and a CT or MRI scan reveals you sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Keeping a copy of these brain scan images can prove you were seriously injured.

Medical documents in your case may include:

  • Diagnostic test results
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Post-operative care instructions
  • After-visit summaries
  • Hospital discharge forms
  • Treatment plans
  • Prescription information, including dosage and dates
  • Healthcare referrals

If the at-fault party’s insurance pushes back on your car accident claim, your medical records can show the severity of your injuries and support your demands for compensation.

Medical Bills

Make copies of any medical expenses associated with your Ohio car accident. Bills from your doctors’ visits, physical therapy, and other healthcare services related to your crash will fully detail the costs of treatments. Your lawyer will factor in these costs while calculating the total value of your case.

Police Reports

After a motor vehicle accident in Ohio, the responding police officer files a crash report. This document details the accident scene, parties involved, and other important information related to the wreck. Get a copy of your police report—it may be invaluable in your case.

Your report might suggest the other driver is at fault for the crash. The driver’s insurance company might try to deny liability, but this evidence can establish fault, support your side of the story, and help you recover what you are owed.

Lost Wages Documentation

If you missed work due to your injuries, make sure to obtain documentation showing the time you were absent from work and the payments you lost. You can recover compensation for lost wages and future earnings you’re projected to lose due to your accident.

Expert Testimony

In some car accident cases, you may need testimony from medical experts, such as physicians or therapists, to support your claim. Their professional input and medical evaluations can help calculate your past and future damages. Medical experts can offer a trusted opinion on your injury severity, expected quality of life, disability prognosis, level of impairment, additional treatment costs, and more.

Expert witnesses can also determine the likely cause behind your injuries, which could help you prove the at-fault driver is responsible. With medical expert testimony as evidence, you might be able to negotiate higher compensation for your car accident claim, especially if your injuries require a lengthy recovery or immensely impact your life.

Witness Statements

If other people witnessed your car accident, their testimony could provide details on what happened leading up to your crash. They may mention that the other driver was on their phone, blew through a stop sign, or otherwise behaved negligently. Documentation of their accounts could give you leverage against a greedy insurance company.

Insurance adjusters often employ tactics to deny liability and avoid paying car accident victims fully. Witness statements can prove fault in your car accident claim, helping you hold a negligent driver and their insurance accountable for their actions.

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