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December 18, 2014

Winter in Akron, Ohio can present plenty of hazards that might increase risk of a motor vehicle accident. With slippery, icy roads and visibility impaired by snow and fog, the wintertime can be one of the most dangerous times for motorists to be on the road. To help keep you safe this season, remember these basic winter driving tips.

Always Be Prepared

Winter isn’t just dangerous because of poor driving conditions; it can be dangerous because of the cold, too. During the winter, it’s not uncommon for a car battery to die or for a driver to try to squeeze a few extra miles out of a gas tank and accidentally be left out of gas, stranded.

To keep yourself safe, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) makes some recommendations.

  • Perform proper maintenance on your vehicle
  • Have emergency materials on hand (like a flashlight, jumper cables, warning devices, cell phone, ice scraper, and blankets
  • Carry tools to get your vehicle out of a snow bank (like a shovel, kitty litter, etc.)
  • Always plan your driving route in advance.

Before you drive, make sure somebody knows where you’re going and when you expect to arrive/return.

Exercise Extra Caution in Winter Weather

Exercising caution while driving is always a good idea, but doing so in the winter is especially important. Never drive while you’re fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and remember these additional winter driving safety tips as well.

  • Always drive at an appropriate speed for conditions
  • Give other drivers extra room when following or changing lanes
  • Use signaling devices when appropriate
  • Don’t use a cell phone or other hand-held mobile device while driving
  • Always wear your seatbelt

Know How to Drive in the Snow

Driving in the snow can be especially scary. AAA has some great winter weather driving tips, including the following listed below.

  • Drive slowly
  • Resist the urge to power up hills
  • Don’t stop if you can avoid it
  • Increase your following distance
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly
  • Get familiar with your brakes

Finally, the last thing that you should think about when driving in the snow is this: if the weather is particularly bad, consider staying home. When road conditions are dangerous, avoid putting yourself in a risky situation if you can help it.

If in a Winter Driving Accident, Call Kisling Nestico & Redick!

Even if you drive safely and cautiously, a winter car accident can still happen. The weather may be especially bad, or other motorists might not take the same precautions that you’ve taken.

If you’ve been in an accident in Akron that wasn’t your fault, secure the services of a personal injury attorney. Whether you need to file an insurance claim or pursue a lawsuit against another driver, an attorney can help. At Kisling, Nestico & Redick, our attorneys are ready to defend your rights today to help you get the compensation you need. To begin, contact us now at 800-HURT-NOW.