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September 28, 2018

Seeking proper medical treatment after a car accident is absolutely critical to ensure you get the necessary care for your injuries and can get on the road to recovery. Regardless of whether you need an emergency room or urgent care center, your health is always a priority. However, in the chaos that accompanies a motor vehicle crash, you may need some assistance figuring out what emergency rooms and urgent care centers are near Stark County, Ohio.

Another reason to take care of your health after you’ve been injured in a crash is that the timing may have an impact on any claim you have against the negligent driver. As knowledgeable Canton car accident lawyers, familiar with Stark County, the team at KNR would advise that getting appropriate treatment right away puts you in a better position to recover what you deserve. Our attorneys can provide more information about your regional options for medical treatment after a car accident and can assist you with a claim.

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Emergency Care in Stark County

Traumatic medical conditions that require surgery or advanced treatments may only be available in a hospital setting, so it would be appropriate for you to seek care in an emergency room.

  • Mercy Medical Center: If you’re in an accident around Canton, OH, this emergency department may be a top option for medical treatment. There are 49 beds in the ER, plus another five beds dedicated to triage care. Providers also have access to radiology services, dental care, and eye treatment within the department.
  • Aultman Hospital: Another emergency room in the Canton area, Aultman has three main treatment facilities depending on the nature of your injuries, including a large section for serious trauma patients. For extremely severe auto crashes that require an airlift, there is a helicopter pad on the roof. Plus, all registered nurses have special credentials to provide care for children who require medical treatment after a car accident.

Stark County Urgent Care Facilities

Urgent care is considered a level below emergency treatment. These facilities are intended to provide treatment when you have a medical issue that needs to be treated the same day, but isn’t an actual, life-threatening emergency.

  • ACH Family Urgent Care Center: This facility may be convenient if you live around Louisville, OH and cannot get in to see your doctor after an auto crash. ACH is staffed by physicians with specific experience in emergency and family medicine, and there are both x-ray and laboratory services onsite.
  • Walk-In Urgent Care Center: Boasting an average waiting time of just 20 minutes, Walk-In is an excellent option for treatment of minor burns and lacerations, sprains and strains, broken bones, and related car accident injuries. If you’re not sure of the level of treatment you require, this facility even offers consultation services you can access from home.

Follow Up Medical Treatment After a Car Accident

Even after you receive appropriate medical care after an auto collision, it’s important to visit your primary care provider as well. Your own doctor already has your medical records, and your accident injuries should become part of your comprehensive health history. Plus, your physician will be able to determine whether additional treatment is necessary for a full recovery. Depending on your circumstances, your doctor may recommend physical therapy, chiropractic care, or other follow up treatment.

Call Now to Reach a Stark County Car Accident Lawyer

Once you seek proper medical treatment after a car accident, your next course of action should be reaching out to an attorney who can tell you more about your right to recover compensation under Ohio law. You may be able to recover the costs of treatment, as well as for your pain and suffering.

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