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Date posted
March 5, 2015

A growing number of Ohio residents are in love with riding motorcycles. Motorcycle riders look cooler on their bikes. Motorcycles are also more fuel-efficient than passenger cars, reducing gasoline expenses and transportation costs. However, as the number of Ohio residents who prefer motorcycles over vehicles increases, the number of motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities are likely to increase as well.

Generally, motorcycle accidents tend to result in more severe injuries and fatalities than car crashes. Motorcycles provide no physical protection for riders. Although rider clothing, shoes and helmets are available, this safety gear provides minimal protection from the hazards present when a motorcycle strikes the road or a car.

The firm of Kisling, Nestico & Redick, L.L.C. has seen many different kinds of injuries as the result of motorcycle accidents. Based on our years of experience in handling such cases, it might be safe to say that a motorcyclist should consider it lucky if an accident leaves only physical injuries. Lack of protection makes it almost impossible to survive, particularly when a motorcycle incident involves another vehicle, such as a car or truck.

If injury or death results from a collision of motorcycle and another vehicle, our team may utilize many different ways to help our clients determine fault for the accident. We know that not all motorcycle crashes are caused by rider error, improper use or lost control of a motorcycle. Incidents often occur when a car driver fails to see the motorcycle or a motorist fails to yield the right way.

If a motorcyclist is faultless, our firm can help our client obtain a reasonable and just amount of compensation from the negligent party. Compensation can help cover a motorcycle accident victim’s hospital bills, lost wages and other expenses needed for recovery.