Tractor-Trailer Rear-Ends Car on I-76; Two Dead | KNR
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Date posted
August 15, 2015

A fiery crash took the lives of two people about 40 miles east of Akron on I-76. A Ohio State Highway Patrol spokesperson said the truck accident began when traffic slowed for a construction work zone near the Ohio Turnpike Interchange. A tractor-trailer slammed into the back of a passenger car, smashing the smaller vehicle into the back of a second tractor-trailer.

The passenger car was crushed between the two big rigs. Both the driver and a passenger inside it were killed.

Law enforcement officials said one of the two truck drivers sustained minor injuries.

A truck driver stuck in traffic on the interstate near the accident took video with his cellphone of flames consuming the passenger car and the victims of the crash.

Police have not yet determined why the tractor-trailer rear-ended the car, but in many similar cases truckers have been distracted by GPS, a phone call or a text and looked away from the road for a few seconds. In those precious moments, traffic slowed and a violent collision occurred.

In other cases, truck drivers have been severely fatigued by long hours on the road and been unaware of changes in the traffic ahead of them. In still other accidents, a trucker has been inadequately trained or failed to observe speed limits.

In all fatal trucking accidents, someone has paid with their life for the negligence of a trucker, a trucking company or both. An Akron attorney experienced in obtaining compensation for grieving families can help you pursue the best legal options in your situation.