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Date posted
January 9, 2015

Ohio motorists are used to sharing roadways with motorcycle riders. Some people choose motorcycles over cars because they are more flexible in traffic. Using a motorcycle for daily transportation is also a cost-effective way to travel, since motorcycles need less high-priced gasoline than standard automobiles. However, saving money by riding a motorcycle does not come without risk. Motorcyclists are at a disadvantage in the event of an accident. Riders have less protection from road elements and hazards than passenger vehicle occupants and drivers. This contributes to the severity of motorcycle accident injuries.

Our firm is familiar with the risks associated with riding a motorcycle on Ohio roads. A motorcycle accident can impose catastrophic injuries to a rider, ranging from broken bones, to neck injury, to a serious head injury. The severity of injuries depends on what object collided with the motorcycle. Regardless, all injuries are usually difficult for a motorcyclist and his or her family. However, every accident has a contributing factor. Our years of experience in handling motorcycle accident cases helps determine the at-fault party for the incident.

Many times motorcycle accidents result from the negligence of car drivers who are sometimes not alert in the presence of motorcyclists. Motorists may fail to yield the right way or, even more disturbing, fail to notice a motorcyclist on the road. Our firm investigates every accident and strives to find ways to help a motorcycle accident victim obtain fair compensation for injuries and other damages.

Protecting the rights of motorcycle accident victims is a main commitment of our Ohio firm. The team understands the emotional and financial losses incurred by families of these victims. Victims of motorcycle accidents may find our motorcycle accident overview to be informative.