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What Happens if I Can’t Work Following a Car Accident?

Car accidents leave you in a stressful position, especially if you can’t work. Our Ohio car accident lawyers can handle your case, and answer your questions, so the only thing demanding your attention is your recovery. Call Kisling, Nestico & Redick right away.


A car accident is a traumatizing experience. From the damage your vehicle sustains to the mental shock, an accident can be devastating and turn your life upside down.

If you were injured in your crash, your stress is just beginning. Medical treatment is expensive, and if your injury requires continuous attention, your expenses can quickly add up. Moreover, if you can’t work after a car accident, you may feel like your bills are increasing at an unmanageable rate.

At Kisling, Nestico & Redick, our experienced Ohio car accident attorneys can help you navigate your legal options after a car crash. Car accidents leave you in a stressful position, especially if you can’t work. Our lawyers can handle your case, and answer your questions, so the only thing demanding your attention is your recovery.

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Wage Compensation Options Following a Car Accident

If you are in a car accident and suffer an injury that prevents you from working, your insurance company may pay you for your lost wages. Whether you are eligible to receive lost wages compensation depends on the nature of your injury and your insurance company. There are several categories of reimbursement you may qualify for.

Lost Wages

Lost wages are the wages you would have been paid during the time you were unable to work. For example, if you broke your leg and were unable to work for six months, you are theoretically entitled to the six months worth of money you would have been paid if your leg had been healthy.

Lost Earning Capacity

You are eligible for lost earning capacity compensation if your injuries prevent you from making as much money as you did before. This is usually the result of a severe injury, resulting in long-term disability. For example, if you broke your leg and you were forced to use a wheelchair for the rest of your life, you would be physically prevented from working as much as you did before the accident. Assuming you were eligible, you would then be entitled to compensation for your lost earning capacity.

Lost Opportunities

If your injury cost you an opportunity for employment or payment, you may be entitled to compensation for that missed opportunity as well. This is sometimes the case for independent contractors or people who work on commission. Furthermore, if you missed a job interview due to your injury, you may be reimbursed for any potential earnings.

Possible Insurance Coverage to Collect Lost Wages Following a Car Accident

If you can’t work after a car accident, the following insurance coverage plans may compensate you for any wages or earning opportunities you’ve lost:

  • Liability Bodily Injury Coverage – If your accident occurred as the result of another driver’s negligence, you might be able to use their at-fault liability coverage to submit a claim for your lost wages.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage – If you’re injured in a collision with an uninsured or inadequately covered driver, and you have coverage for uninsured or underinsured drivers, you may be compensated through that coverage.
  • Personal Injury Protection Coverage – Required in some states, personal injury protection coverage will help pay for injuries and lost wages up to the policy limit. It is important to note that with personal injury protection coverage, you can get paid even if the accident was your fault.

You should make sure to check with your insurance agent, or car accident attorney, for other ways you may be protected against lost wages and job opportunities.

How to Get Compensated if You Can’t Work

If you’re eligible to be reimbursed for work you’ve missed due to injury, there are several things you’ll need to provide to receive your reimbursement.

  • Physician’s Report – You will need a report from your doctor acknowledging that your injury prevented you from working. The report should detail what the injury was and how long it prevented you from receiving payment. The report should also include any treatments, prescriptions, and medical bills for reference. Also, you should check if your insurance company has a report your doctor should fill out.
  • Employer Report – You will also need your employer to verify that you missed work due to your injuries. Depending on what field of work you are in, this could mean a schedule detailing your shifts or allowing access to your tax returns.
  • Police Report – Finally, you will need to provide a copy of the police report of your accident. This should include at least a preliminary mention of any injuries, which will provide a foundation for your claims.

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Not being able to work, under any circumstances, can place you in a state of duress. If an injury is keeping you from earning money, you may feel helpless. At Kisling, Nestico & Redick, we’re here to help you during this complicated and challenging time. Our lawyers know how to navigate insurance claims and figure out what your compensation options are. Your only priority should be getting back to full health.

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