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August 21, 2019

Cincinnati’s downtown area can get quite crowded, especially during events like concerts, Bengals or Reds games, festivals, and other large gatherings.

With so many people walking around enjoying the city, it’s crucial to pay attention to your surroundings and practice pedestrian safety.

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Pedestrian Accident Statistics in High-Traffic Areas

Events that draw large crowds often lead to increased pedestrian traffic, which unfortunately can result in more accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), pedestrian fatalities account for a significant portion of traffic-related deaths — about 17% of all traffic fatalities nationwide.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, there were 379 Hamilton County pedestrian accidents in 2023 — 16 of those were fatal.

Most of these accidents happened on weekend afternoons.

The most serious of these accidents happened at the intersections of:

  • East Sixth Street and Vine Street
  • East Sixth Street and Walnut Street
  • West Seventh Street and Elm Street
  • West Central Parkway and Race Street
  • West Fourth Street and Race Street

In cities like Cincinnati, high-traffic events such as sporting events or concerts increase the risk of pedestrian accidents due to the sheer volume of people and vehicles in one area.

Consider that the Bengals and the Reds both play downtown: both of those stadiums can hold tens of thousands of people. Game days can pack the area. It makes sense that the more people there are in one area, the more likely accidents become.

What is Distracted Walking?

While distracted driving is a well-known and established problem, distracted walking is a fairly new issue.

Distracted walking happens when pedestrians get hurt because they are texting, eating, listening to music, or engaging in another distracting activity while they are walking.

The National Safety Council discovered that age is a significant factor in distracted walking accidents. Most pedestrian deaths happen to people aged 35 to 44 or 55 to 64 (1,351 each in 2022).

If you’re distracted while walking, you might trip and fall over a curb in the sidewalk or step into a crack or pothole and sprain your ankle. You may also get hurt by a distracted driver who doesn’t see you either.

How to Reduce the Risk of Distracted Walking Accidents

Here are some tips that can minimize your chances of getting hurt as a pedestrian in high-traffic areas in Cincinnati.

Do Not Use Electronic Devices

It can be tempting to use headphones or play with your phone while you’re walking around downtown Cincinnati.

Unfortunately, electronic devices can divert your attention from where you’re walking and increase your risk for a pedestrian accident.

If you do need to use an electronic device, walk into a restaurant or store to do so.

Always Look Up

Get into the habit of always looking up while you’re walking downtown in high-traffic areas. If you look down, you won’t know what’s going on around you and are more likely to get hurt.

Keep your head up and eyes straight in front of you at all times as looking at your shoes or the ground poses a serious hazard.

Make Eye Contact with Drivers Before Crossing

All too often, pedestrians assume cars will stop for them if they are at a crosswalk.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case as drivers can be distracted as well.

Do not cross the road until you’ve made eye contact with the driver and are confident they know you are there.

Obey Traffic Signals

Traffic signals are designed to keep pedestrians and drivers safe. If you don’t have a walk signal or know that you don’t have much time left to cross, do not cross. It can be difficult to be patient and wait your turn while you’re downtown during a high-traffic event, but it’s important to ensure optimal safety.

Refrain From Jaywalking

Jaywalking happens when a pedestrian walks in or crosses a road that is busy with traffic rather than waiting to cross at a safe crossing point.

If you’re distracted, you may jaywalk without realizing it and suffer from an injury. Always cross the street at an intersection or crosswalk.

Stay in Well-Lit Areas as Much as Possible

A lot of events, like games or concerts, might end late at night. Drivers should be aware of the low visibility that’s possible, but you can improve your chances of avoiding accidents by staying on sidewalks that have lights when you’re walking after dark.

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