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November 5, 2019

Whether you’ve lived in Ohio your entire life or are new to the state, you probably know that the winter season can be dangerous. While the snow can be nice to look at, winter driving can be a real challenge. Therefore, it’s important to keep an emergency kit in your car throughout the winter to ensure you are prepared for any obstacle that may come your way.

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What to Keep in Your Emergency Kit

The reality is that an emergency can strike at any moment, and is more likely to arise in the winter when you’re driving in snow, ice, and dangerous road conditions.

With these items in your car’s emergency kit, you’ll be able to overcome inclement weather and feel less stressed when they occur.

1. First Aid Kit

You never know when a driver or passenger will injure themselves. Your first aid kit should contain things like bandages, gloves, scissors, adhesive tape, antibiotic ointments, and tweezers.

2. Fire Extinguisher

If you are involved in a winter car accident, your car may catch fire. If minor flames appear, a fire extinguisher may potentially save your life. If the fire is significant or spreading quickly, get as far away from your car as possible. Dial 911 in either situation.

3. Food and Water

It’s not uncommon for victims of winter driving accidents to be left stranded for hours. That’s why it’s essential to keep water bottles and non-perishable food like trail mix in your emergency kit. They may come in handy on the side of the road.

4. Phone Charger

Imagine being stranded in the snow with a dead cell phone that won’t allow you to call for help. To avoid this, keep an extra phone charger in your emergency kit. Test it out before you add it to your kit to make sure it works.

5. Jumper Cables

There’s no reason to depend on other drivers for jumper cables when you can carry your own. Jumper cables are affordable and can help you start your car without having to wait for a tow truck. Learn how to jump-start your car with them or they won’t do you any good.

6. Warm Blanket

If you’re stranded, it may take some time for help to arrive, so a warm blanket may be exactly what you need. Remember that it’ll probably accumulate dirt so use an old comforter or a blanket you don’t mind getting dirty.

7. Simple Tool Kit

With a simple tool kit, you can repair minor issues on your own. Your tool kit should include a small wrench, a pair of pliers, a socket set, a phillips, and flat head screwdriver, duct tape, and spare fuses.

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