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Date posted
December 11, 2014

Riding a motorcycle brings a biker a unique sense of freedom. However, this freedom can come with a high cost due to the serious injuries that can occur in the event of a motorcycle accident. One of the reasons why motorcycle accidents occur is because other motorists fail to recognize these smaller vehicles. When a car strikes a motorcycle, the rider can be ejected from or pinned underneath the motorcycle. Because the body of motorcyclist is exposed and unprotected, he or she is vulnerable and often suffers serious injuries like broken bones.

Our law firm has helped many Ohio motorcycle accident victims obtain the compensation that they deserve. In most cases, insurance companies offer a settlement that is not enough to cover all damages incurred. To prevent this, we painstakingly investigate the accident to determine if certain factors were overlooked by insurance companies to reduce the settlement offer.

If the accident was caused by another driver of a car or truck, we can ensure that the responsible party will be held liable. Our diligence in handling similar matters allowed many motorcycle accident victims to obtain the best medical treatment with the maximum awards and damages they received.

If a motorcycle accident is fatal, surviving family members may sustain emotional and financial injury, especially if the deceased was the primary or only source of income for the household. We know how difficult it is to lose someone you love in a preventable motorcycle accident. To obtain closure and compensation, we also investigate each case thoroughly, collecting evidence to further strengthen the claim.

Readers who are interested to learn more about how our firm helps motorcycle accident victims may visit our website. They may also speak with our knowledgeable attorneys for case assessment.