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June 28, 2018

Slip and fall accidents occur when you are injured as a result of falling on someone else’s property. While this may seem simple, slip and falls routinely happen at all times of day and a number of locations. To learn the most common places slip and fall accidents occur, read below.

The owner of a property can be held liable for damages or injuries after a slip and fall if they are found to have failed to take reasonable steps to prevent the cause of the accident. If you have been hurt due to dangerous conditions on someone else’s property, they may have a responsibility to compensate you.

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Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are full of opportunities for slip and fall accidents to occur. While grocery shopping, people are often busy or in a hurry. If spills are not promptly cleaned up, or a clear warning is not given, a slip and fall accident is extremely likely. Stores are also susceptible to slip and fall accidents caused by weather conditions outside the store or in the parking lot.

Office Buildings

Office buildings are typically full of electronics and wires. This clutter increases the likelihood that you will trip, fall, and injure yourself.

Many office buildings are also old or in the process of being remodeled. Therefore, they can be a prime location for falls caused by structural damage, including damaged flooring or debris. As with stores, the owner of an office building is also responsible for slip and falls that occur outside on their property.

Houses and Apartments

Slip and fall accidents do not occur solely in commercial locations. If you’re injured falling at someone’s residence, the owner or landlord may be responsible for your injuries. Homeowners have the same responsibility as all other property owners to ensure their property is safe for their guests.

If they fail to fix dangerous conditions on their property or warn you about a potential danger, they have violated their duty to adequately provide for your safety.

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If you are visiting someone else’s property, you assume that their property is safe. You shouldn’t have to deal with pain and financial strain because someone else was negligent.

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