Car Accidents: Seniors Take Longer to Heal, Higher Medical Costs | KNR
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Date posted
July 6, 2015

Many people in Ohio and other states who suffer injuries in accidents that are caused by the negligence of other parties file personal injury claims for medical expenses in civil courts to pursue compensation. In cases where liability is established, the level of compensation awarded by courts partially depends on the severity of injuries, and whether long-term care will be required. According to a recent study that was published in Annals of Emergency Medicine, injuries suffered by seniors in car accidents often cause long-term medical complications, while similar injuries in younger people may require only short-term treatment for full recovery.

A significant percentage of accident victims are older people, and the number is apparently expected to grow. The study shows that 72 percent of the participants suffered moderate to severe pain when they were medically evaluated immediately after being involved in car accidents. However, six months later, 26 percent of those accident victims continued to experience pain related to the crashes. The physical functions of almost three-quarter of those victims had declined over that period, and the others had to lower their living standards in order to be able to afford additional help.

More than 50 percent of participants continued to take pain relievers on a regular basis, and some started using opioid to relieve the pain. In many of the participants whose pain continued past 30 days, depression symptoms developed, and they were found to be more likely to experience acute pain converting into chronic pain. The financial implications of long-term medical treatment on seniors who may already be facing hardships might be crippling.

Senior residents of Ohio who have suffered injuries in car accidents that were caused by the negligence of other parties may pursue claims for compensation. Consulting with experienced attorneys who understand the long-term medical needs, and the ongoing pain and suffering of older accident victims may be beneficial. A lawyer will assist in determining what level of compensation can be sought when filing a personal injury claim in a civil court, and successful presentation may lead to fair compensation for current and future financial losses.