Car Accident at Ohio Intersection Leaves Woman Injured | KNR
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Date posted
May 23, 2014

When approaching an intersection, drivers are advised to be extra cautious. Intersections involve a lot of vehicles moving in several directions at the same time. One wrong judgment from a driver can result in a car crash. Car accidents in a vehicle-dense area can lead to catastrophic results.

Fortunately, a similar incident that occurred at an Ohio intersection did not result in a multi-vehicle accident. However, it was enough to cause a female driver to sustain minor injuries. The 19-year-old woman was traveling westbound to the intersection when a pickup truck driven by a 28-year-old man pulled into the woman’s lane. The two vehicles collided, which caused the woman to lose control of her Jeep. She then crossed the median twice before settling in a ditch. The Jeep’s driver side and front was severely damaged, but the driver escaped with minor injuries. She was transported by an emergency medical crew to a medical center.

The driver of the pickup was charged for failing to yield the right of way. According to a deputy, the man managed to stop at the intersection, but failed to see the woman’s Jeep. Alcohol and drugs were ruled out as contributing factors to the accident.

The recent accident shows that accidents can happen at any time. Even if a driver does not engage in negligent driving behavior, such as distracted driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, an accident can still occur.

Ohio car accident victims, besides suffering from physical injuries, can encounter all sorts of problems after an accident. They can be mired in financial troubles because of medical expenses and be unable to work. Filing a legal action against a negligent driver may lead to a monetary award to help a victim during this challenging time.