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Internal injuries occur within the body, sometimes with very little outward signs, and are often masked by hard-to-detect symptoms. In some cases, the victim can be unaware that they are suffering an internal injury because their symptoms take time to present themselves or symptoms may seem mild at the time of injury. If you’ve been in a situation that could cause internal injuries, it’s important to pay close attention to your symptoms.

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Types of Internal Injuries

Common internal injuries are:

  • Brain Bleeds: open or closed head wounds in car crashes may cause the brain to bleed. These injuries can lead to permanent brain damage by putting the brain under excessive pressure.
  • Spleen Damage: the spleen, an organ in the upper left part of the abdomen, can become damaged as a result of trauma and typically requires surgery in order to repair the damage or remove the spleen.
  • Broken Ribs: broken ribs can result from a blow to the chest. Broken ribs are especially dangerous because these broken bones can impact other parts of the body, damaging organs and blood vessels.
  • Pneumothorax or Punctured Lung: occurs when a rib punctures a lung and causes the lung to deflate and collapse, releasing air into the chest.
  • Internal Organ Injury: often happens from high impact car crashes. When internal bleeding occurs the organs experience damage, sometimes lasting or fatal.
  • Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm: when the stomach compresses during an accident, the victim may suffer a rupture of the abdominal aorta and can often results in death.
  • Internal Bleeding: internal bleeding can be difficult for the body to repair and uncontrolled internal bleeding is fatal. The most common signs that someone may be experiencing internal bleeding include abdominal pain, inflamed and bruised areas on the skin, bleeding from the nose or ears, lightheadedness, and pale complexion.

These signs can present themselves differently depending on the person, making internal injuries even more difficult to diagnose or self-diagnose. Although car accidents are by far the most common cause of internal bleeding, internal bleeding can also occur as a result of other factors such as workplace accidents, falls, complications with surgical procedures, and in some cases medical errors.

Causes of Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are generally defined by either blunt trauma or penetrating trauma.

  • Blunt trauma: the impact of a collision with another object, usually involving either great force or speed. These types of injuries tear or crush the blood vessels or organs inside the body. They are most often seen in auto accidents, but they can also be the result of workplace accidents or falls.
  • Penetrating trauma: the impact of an object piercing the body; this action then causes injury below the surface of the skin. This often affects the muscle, blood vessels, and internal organs. Violent acts can result in a penetrating trauma but they also occur in motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, firearm incidents or falls.

Medical Treatment

Youngstown internal injuries patients may seek treatment at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital, a branch of the Mercy Health medical group and a highly ranked Ohio medical facility. Depending upon the amount of internal bleeding and the severity of other injuries, doctors will decide on the initial treatment. Imaging tests such as ultrasounds and CT scans can identify whether internal bleeding is present. If the internal bleeding is slow or delayed, observation may be appropriate first. If the internal bleeding is ongoing or severe, then immediate surgery may result. Blood transfusions or intravenous fluids may occur to correct or prevent an unsafe drop in blood pressure.

Once medical attention is received, internal injuries patients should seek a free consultation from the internal injuries lawyers at KNR. We can help you navigate what to do next while seeking treatment and recovery.

Internal Injury Recovery

According to the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma, over 150,000 people die annually in the US from various forms of trauma injuries but even more suffer severe injuries and survive. Many of these victims face a long road of rehabilitation. Recovery time from an internal injury can vary widely and depends on the nature of the injury, the victim’s age, and their general health at the time of the accident.

Internal injuries can require costly and extensive medical care, leaving you with large medical bills, on-going care costs and lost wages. Our skilled legal team at Kisling, Nestico & Redick can help you seek compensation for any internal injuries and financial or psychological you sustained from activity-related experiences, accidents, and other structural incompetencies. In addition to internal injury, our diverse team of attorneys have skills in numerous other legal areas including wrongful deaths, truck accidents, work injuries, and motorcycle accidents. We have eleven locations throughout Ohio, covering extensive ground and including many regions and cities in the state.

A Youngstown Internal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

If you or your loved ones are suffering any kind of internal injury, it can be challenging emotionally, psychologically, and financially. Youngstown internal injury lawyers at Kisling, Nestico & Redick are experienced in dealing with these situations and will help you and your family seek compensation to support your recovery and navigate out of financial hardship.

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