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Date posted
October 17, 2014

Many people think that it is cool to ride a motorcycle in Summit, Ohio. However, riding a motorcycle exposes an individual to the risk of serious injuries or a fatality. A motorcyclist is more prone to injuries than people riding in passenger vehicles in the event of a motor-vehicle accident. That is why the Ohio Department of Transportation encourages riders to take the basic motorcycle riding courses and training before traveling on the two-wheel vehicle. However, these training courses do not guarantee the safety of motorcyclist because they share the road with other motorists who might fail to notice them.

Our firm understands the hazards that put Ohio motorcyclists at risk very well. Unsafe driving conditions contribute to the number of motorcyclists injured or killed every year in a significant way. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 93,000 motorcyclists sustained injuries in traffic accidents in the U.S. in 2012. A total of 4,957 motorcyclists lost their lives in those crashes. Under such circumstances, it is important for a motorcycle accident victim to be familiar with the person’s rights. We specify what your stand is in the event of a motorcycle accident. Knowing your rights is critical to hold the other party liable for any injuries sustained from the incident.

Every detail associated with the motorcycle accident is essential. We determine and specify those details because they play a big role in determining the potential liability of the other party involved. Our firm can perform accident construction to determine who is at fault. That way, we can ensure that the accident victim’s rights and interests are protected.

Motorcycle accidents tend to be more complex than other types of vehicular accidents. Fortunately, the information and examples found in our motorcycle accident page may be helpful. It can only help you to arm yourself with valuable information.