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October 15, 2014

Most car accidents are avoidable. Many are related to motorists who act negligently while behind the wheel. In such cases, establishing the cause of the accident is important for insurance purposes, as at-fault drivers are liable for others’ damages.

Below is a list of the top 10 causes of car accidents in the state of Ohio by motorist error in 2013, according to data from the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

1. Following Too Closely/Tailgating

Following too closely, or tailgating, was the number one cause of accident in Ohio in 2013. In fact, following too closely resulted in 67,050 accidents, 58 of which were fatal, and 18,685 of which caused injuries.

2. Failure to Control the Vehicle

The failure to control – or loss of control of – a vehicle was the second most common of the various motorist error-related car accident causes in 2013, accounting for 40,705 accidents and 18.1 percent of fatal accidents caused by motorist error.

3. Failure to Yield

Failure to yield was the third most common cause of car accidents. The failure to yield resulted in 33,709 accidents, and was the cause of over 11 percent of all fatal accidents related to motorist error. The failure to yield also caused 11,657 injuries, and 21,947 incidents of property damage.

4. Improper Lane Change

An improper lane change caused the fourth most accidents in 2013, claiming responsibility for 20,842 accidents. Sadly, an improper lane change was one of the most common causes of fatal accidents, making up 12.4 percent of all fatal accidents caused by motorist errors.

5. Unsafe Speed

Traveling at an unsafe speed accounted for 11,993 accidents in 2013, making it the fifth most common of the car accident causes related to motorist mistakes. This includes 4,030 injury accidents, and 13.1 percent of all fatal accidents related to motorist error.

6. Improper Backing

The improper backing (up) of a motorist was responsible for 8,988 accidents. However, these accidents could be considered minor accidents, probably most frequently occurring in a parking lot and resulting in little damage. Improper backing only accounted for one fatal accident in 2013, and less than 500 injury accidents.

7. Running a Red Light

The running of a red light by a motorist caused 7,106 traffic accidents in 2013, accounting for 2.1 percent of fatal, motorist error-related accidents. Running a red light was the cause of 4,080 accidents resulting in property damage, and 3,007 injury accidents.

8. Improper Turn

A motorist making an improper turn caused 6,258 total accidents in 2013 in Ohio. Improper turns caused 1,343 injury accidents and 4,909 accidents where property damage was sustained. It only causes six fatal accidents.

9. Other Improper Actions

While the Ohio Department of Public Safety doesn’t specifically define the exact actions taken, “other improper actions” of a motorist accounted for 4,119 accidents in 2013. It caused 24 fatal accidents and 943 injury accidents.

10. Left of Center

Finally, the tenth most common of the motorist error-related car accident causes was a motorist driving to the left of center. Left of center errors caused 4,055 accidents, 9.2 percent of fatal accidents and 1,493 injury accidents.

What to Do Following an Accident

After an accident, seek evaluation from a doctor and start gathering evidence that will help you establish the cause of your accident. If you were seriously injured by another motorist’s error, seek help from a personal injury attorney.

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