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From getting answers to lessening your anxiety, and ensuring you get the full compensation you are entitled to; an experienced auto accident attorney helps in many ways.
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March 6, 2024

When car accidents happen, many injury victims understandably want the matter over fast. They may be hesitant to consult a lawyer. However, working with a lawyer is the best way for car accident injury victims to get full compensation for their damages.

A car accident lawyer provides legal advice for car accident claims, gathers evidence to establish liability, and negotiates with insurers. They represent their clients in personal injury lawsuits when fair insurance settlements cannot be reached. In a nutshell, car accident lawyers protect the interests of crash victims throughout the claims process.

The Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

There are numerous benefits to hiring an experienced car accident lawyer.

Knowledgeable Guidance

An attorney will explain your rights and options for pursuing a claim when another driver was at fault or contributed to your accident. Personal injury law is complicated. The wrong decision could severely damage your claim and your right to compensation. Your lawyer will guide you in making informed choices through every step of your case.

Maximize Your Settlement

Insurance companies do not easily part with money. Personal injury attorneys understand how to negotiate to obtain fair settlements. An attorney will carefully evaluate your current and future damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses, to calculate the total value of your claim and maximize your compensation.

Reduce Stress

You need rest when you are recovering from serious injuries. You should not have to worry about filling out complicated paperwork, trying to prove the fault of the other driver, or fighting with insurance adjusters. When a legal professional handles the car accident claim process, you can focus on recuperation and your own well-being.

Avoid Pitfalls

A knowledgeable attorney with a background in car accident injury cases will help you avoid common pitfalls. They will review any offers you receive to ensure you don’t accept a lowball settlement. A car accident lawyer will make sure critical filing deadlines are met, and they will prepare your claim to ensure it contains all the required information. If you miss deadlines or leave crucial information out of your claim, the insurer may simply deny it.

Represent You in Court

Not every car accident claim settles. If the insurance company does not make a satisfactory offer, you may have to sue in court to potentially get compensation. An attorney will prepare you for trial and argue on your behalf before the judge or jury.

The Drawbacks of Not Having a Lawyer

You can put yourself at a real disadvantage without the help of a car accident lawyer. By going it alone, you risk:

Underestimating Your Claim’s Value

Serious injuries can require medical treatment far into the future. You may also be entitled to payment for your physical pain, emotional suffering, and other hard-to-quantify damages. Will you need care to help with daily life tasks, such as bathing and dressing? There are many issues to consider after sustaining injuries. If you do not understand the full extent of your damages, you could receive significantly less compensation than you need and deserve.

Making Errors that Jeopardize Your Case

Legal claims are confusing and complex. The paperwork involved can be overwhelming. One error or omission in filing paperwork or missing a deadline in an insurance claim or legal proceeding can jeopardize your case and cost you financially.

Being Taken Advantage of By Insurers

Insurance companies treat unrepresented claimants differently than they do those with legal representation. Insurers and their legal teams handle claims like yours daily and know the tactics to deny, delay, or underpay claims. Without an auto accident attorney with extensive experience resolving car insurance claims, you are more vulnerable to being pressured into accepting an unfair settlement.

Experienced Legal Representation is Crucial

Most people do not understand the intricacies of the Ohio insurance and legal systems in car accident cases. And taking on a large insurer and their attorneys is not something you should do alone.  Your lawyer can make the difference between ending up with a settlement that does not adequately cover even minor losses and one that pays fully for your current and future damages.

Hurt in a Car? KNR Can Help

Unless you are well-schooled in the complexities of Ohio’s legal process and how insurance companies operate, it is essential to have professional legal representation to get the full compensation you need to pay for your total damages.

An experienced car accident lawyer will ensure you understand your options and are fully informed throughout the claim process. At Kisling, Nestico & Redick, LLC, we deliver effective legal representation for car accidents. We have assisted thousands of Ohio clients in getting full value for their car accident claims. We will fight passionately and effectively for your rights.

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