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Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers in Toledo, OH

Our brains are the center of our bodies and minds. They are enormously complex, and brain damage can completely change your life.

You may need continuous medical attention and professional therapy. Furthermore, it can be difficult or impossible to return to work, school, or do activities that were once routine. It’s important to seek compensation from the party whose negligence caused your injuries.

In addition to medical treatment, damages that you recover can help you and your family pay for your ongoing cost of living expenses. Do not delay in calling our Toledo brain injury lawyers. We understand how important compensation is as you work to move forward with your life.

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Toledo Brain Injuries

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that there are on average about 1,250,000 victims of brain injury in the United States every year. Toledo area hospitals such as ProMedica or Mercy Health Children’s Hospital annually see thousands of head and brain injury cases.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for people to recover if it takes them too long to get medical care. Furthermore, those with mild or traumatic brain injuries sometimes do not get proper medical attention. For these reasons law state and law enforcement agencies like the Ohio Highway Patrol have a difficult time getting accurate brain injury statistics.

We know that getting a complete understanding of what caused our client’s harm will help us make sure that they get all of the help they deserve. Many victims of a serious accident seek help for broken bones or painful cuts, but they don’t realize that they have suffered harm to their brains. You can sustain brain damage in almost any sudden accident.

Some of the most common incidents that result in brain injuries are:

Effects and Symptoms of a Brain Injury

It may be very clear to you and your loved ones that you have suffered a brain injury in the immediate aftermath of your accident. However, this is not always the case. Some who are injured on the water on the Maumee River, or in a car accident on Interstates 75 or 90, fail to notice that their brain has been hurt.

Brain injuries don’t only occur following blows to the head. You can suffer from a brain injury by an impact to your back or neck that pushes your spinal column up toward your head. A majority of traumatic brain injuries are considered mild. These incidents usually leave the victims with many different symptoms such as stiff neck, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and a severe headache.

Serious and severe traumatic brain injuries will often have many different effects on different victims. It’s also important to note that your symptoms and effects might not show up immediately after an accident Some long term effects of a moderate or severe brain injury include:

  • Changes to a victim’s personality or emotions
  • Difficulty processing sight or hearing
  • Inability to focus or pay attention to someone or something
  • Difficulty with their memory
  • Problems with motor functions such as balance or hand-eye coordination

Steps to Take If You Believe You May Have a Brain Injury

Do not hesitate to seek medical attention after you or a loved one has been in an accident. Many victims do not know that they have suffered a brain injury from a car accident or a slip and fall. Additionally, severe harm to your head must be addressed as soon as possible. This will give your doctors the best likelihood to reduce any long-lasting injuries. Our Toledo brain injury lawyers have helped many clients after a terrible accident has caused damage to their brain.

While every situation is different, you should take the following steps after a brain injury:

  • Get emergency help – Call 911 or go immediately to the hospital if you or a loved one have a head injury. Even a mild concussion from a car accident can get much worse if not treated.
  • Call a brain injury lawyer – You need a lawyer who is experienced with accident investigations and recovering damages for serious physical harm.
  • Document your injury – In addition to writing down details of your accident and taking photos of your injury, make notes about your recovery. Documenting the effects on your brain’s abilities will help you during your recovery and can help make a stronger case for damages.
  • Work closely with your doctors – Do not ignore your doctors’ orders or fail to proceed with treatment. Make sure to inquire about how your brain injury can impact your daily life in the future.
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A Lawyer Can Help You Recover the Compensation You Need

Brain injuries are often complex, and the impacts can be long-lasting and severe. It’s advisable not to delay in seeking a knowledgeable brain injury lawyer with experience in cases that harm the brain. The other party’s insurance provider will aggressively seek to reduce their liability to pay.

This is common in cases with brain injuries since they are concerned about being required to pay large sums in damages. The other side may seek to give you a low settlement offer, hoping your case goes away quickly. Do not accept any offer until you speak with a skilled brain injury lawyer.

Our Toledo brain injury attorneys have negotiated with many insurance companies on behalf of our clients. Building a strong case of the other party’s negligence will convince the other side that they don’t want to take the case to trial.

At KNR, we ask, ‘what can we do?’ so you move on with more.

What Is a Toledo Brain Injury Case Worth?

Securing a fair settlement for you and your family requires showing the extent of your injuries, and having a clear understanding of how they will affect your life in the months and years to come.

If our team is unable to recover a fair financial settlement, we will use our years of successful courtroom experience to win your case at trial.

Damages that you can recover after a serious brain injury include:

  • Medical costs for past, present, and future doctors’ visits and surgeries
  • Costs of ongoing therapy needed to help your recovery
  • Lost wages due to your accident
  • Lost future earning capacity due to the effects of your injury
  • Medical and therapy-related equipment costs
  • Damages for pain, suffering, and emotional distress
  • Punitive damages if the negligent party’s actions were especially reckless or malicious

We’ve helped numerous brain injury victims across Ohio. For example, KNR represented a 44-year-old who suffered a TBI after a car crash. We obtained a $275,000 settlement on his behalf.

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What Makes KNR Special?

Our Toledo Brain Injury Lawyers Can Help

Brain injuries affect thousands of people in the Toledo area every year. You can easily suffer harm to your brain after an accident that is caused by no fault of your own. And it’s important to take these incidents very seriously.

As Toledo injury lawyers with years of experience, we understand how to help you and your family through it. Our understanding of how to investigate complex accidents and injuries will help you recover everything you deserve.

At KNR, we ask, ‘what can we do?’ so you move on with more.

KNR’s Toledo Brain Injury Attorneys Will

  • Answer your questions and concerns
  • Keep you updated during all stages of the process
  • Obtain medical records about the extent of your brain injury
  • Identify the responsible party
  • Determine the fair and full value of your damages
  • Negotiate for maximum compensation
  • Fight for everything you deserve in court if necessary