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Suffering from internal injuries after an accident? The Toledo internal injury lawyers at Kisling, Nestico & Redick can help.

Your well-being and life can be in serious peril in the immediate aftermath of an internal injury. The harm that you sustained can affect organ function and cause significant blood loss. However, it can be difficult to properly identify an internal injury. Many victims think that the pain that results from an accident will subside on its own and that they don’t need to seek medical help. Our Toledo injury lawyers have represented many people in this situation. Your doctor’s bills can add up quickly, and the injuries you have may keep you out of work for a long time. It’s important to not delay in calling for skilled legal help.

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There Are Many Different Causes of Internal Injuries

You or a loved one can be facing serious and long-term physical problems after a traumatic accident. The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that there are over 100,000 people hurt in car accidents in our state every year. Car accident injuries are often extensive below the surface, and internally damaged tissue will only get worse if not properly cared for. In addition to traffic collisions, you can be badly hurt after a workplace or recreational accident. ProMedica Toledo Children’s see many children that require emergency treatment after sustaining internal physical damage in sport or defective product accidents. Many of these victims have internal injuries that must be addressed without delay.

Our internal injury attorneys know that no two catastrophic accidents have the same results. You might be badly injured and unable to move. On the other hand, many victims walk away from their wreck only to have their condition get much worse in the hours and days that follow. In the event of a serious accident, your injuries can be caused by one of the following:

  • Deceleration trauma – Your internal organs in a car accident may come to a stop a moment after your spine or muscles after halted by your seatbelt or another object. The internal impact that follows can be very stressful on your organs and damage can be inflicted.
  • Blunt trauma – This is when your body is struck by a fast-moving object, or you are thrown into a stationary object like a wall or dashboard. Even though there are no open wounds, the internal damage can be great.
  • Penetration trauma – Foreign objects will often enter a victim’s body in an accident involving high speeds collisions or projectiles. Organs and internal tissue can be damaged resulting in life-threatening harm.

Common Internal Injuries After Accidents

Internal injuries are usually the result of a very hard impact, and therefore they are very serious and extensive. Your physical harm may affect many organs, bones, and muscle groups. While emergency room doctors see many victims with internal damage, it can be difficult for us to know the full extent of the injuries that we sustained. One of the biggest threats with an internal injury is blood loss. You may not really understand the danger present if you do not know that you are bleeding inside of your body. Symptoms of internal bleeding include lightheadedness, fatigue, pale complexion, and thirst.

Serious injuries from a car accident or other hard-hitting impact can result in permanent organ damage if you survive. Furthermore, injuries can have a lasting impact on your body’s ability to perform basic movements such as walking or bending over. Some common internal injuries that can devastate accident victims include:

  • Brain damage – A hard hit to the head or neck can cause bleeding or even tears in your brain. This can result in permanent physical and mental problems such as issues with coordination, memory loss, or chronic pain.
  • Broken bones – You can suffer from one or several broken or shattered bones in a serious accident. This can not only cause permanent trouble with your mobility, but it can also endanger tissue that is adjacent to the breaks.
  • Joint damage – Muscles, cartilage, and bones on your joints can be crushed or torn in an accident. Damaged joints often require many surgeries, and the victim may not be able to fully recover normal use.
  • Aneurysm – An artery can balloon up after a hard hit. This can cause trouble for normal blood flow and motion, and a rupture can result in a dangerous amount of blood loss.

How a Lawyer Can Help You After a Serious Internal Injury

It’s common for accident victims to be uncertain about their rights and options in the aftermath of a terrible wreck. You were caught off guard by someone else’s careless actions, and now you may have a serious injury. It’s important that you do not accept any settlement offer or compensation before speaking with your lawyer. The other party and their insurance company will be seeking to pay you as little as possible. They may try and make your case go away quickly by offering you a settlement that is not far too little to cover your needs. A skilled lawyer will be able to fully investigate your injuries and get a clear picture of your financial losses now and over the coming months and years.

As Toledo internal injury lawyers with years of experience, we know how to help you through every step of the recovery process. This means getting adequate medical help and building a strong case for securing damages from the responsible party. Our courtroom success can encourage the other side to offer you an acceptable financial settlement instead of risking a loss in court. You can recover damages the following after an internal injury:

  • Medical costs including doctor’s visits, surgery, and physical therapy
  • Lost wages and lost future earnings due to physical limitations
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Medical and therapy equipment costs
  • Counseling and treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Lawyers At Kisling, Nestico, & Redick Can Help You

Accidents cause many victims to suffer from long-lasting and even deadly injuries. The Toledo area sees many catastrophic car accidents as well as harm suffered by victims at work or engaged in recreational activities. Ohio has a strict statute of limitations that will likely prevent you from filing a claim for personal injury damages after two years have passed since your accident. While there are exceptions to this rule, we encourage you to not delay in contacting skilled legal counsel. Your injuries may require numerous surgeries and extended treatment. Our Toledo internal injury lawyers have seen many victims who needed temporary or even permanent disability compensation due to their inability to work after an accident.

Internal injuries are some of the most devastating results of accidents. You and your family may have a long path to recovery, and you need knowledgeable legal help during every part of the process. Contact Kisling, Nestico & Redick to speak with a lawyer about how we can help you. Contact our office in Toledo today at (419) 324-8205.