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Violent and devastating accidents happen in Toledo and the surrounding area every day; thousands are badly hurt in traffic accidents, and several hundred are killed due to their wounds. In addition to an auto wreck, you can be badly hurt in a countless number of scenarios. A chest injury can suddenly make your life very difficult and painful, and you may need extensive medical attention if you are to recover. Contact one of our Toledo injury lawyers to discuss your options for pursuing a claim against the negligent party in your accident. Your doctor visits can be expensive, and your injuries may keep you from being able to return to work for some time. Do not delay in speaking with an experienced Toledo chest injury lawyer.

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You Can Suffer From Many Different Chest Injuries After an Accident

People don’t always consider the dangers of serious harm to the chest in the event of an accident. Generally, we think of harm that can be done to our head or extremities. However, chest injuries are relatively common for people who are in terrible accidents. Victims can be hurt by penetrating wounds as well as blunt trauma to their bodies. Many chest injuries are not reported or taken seriously at first: this is a serious mistake. Your physical damage can get worse over the hours or days that follow and can result in chronic issues or even harm that threatens your life.

Our lawyers understand how important it is to fully investigate the physical damage that you sustained in an accident. This will allow for your doctors to properly treat you and for us to make sure we know the full extent of compensation that you need to get back to normal. The many different types of chest injuries we have seen include:

  • Flail chest – This involves a segment of your rib bones being completely unattached to the remainder of your rib cage due to a break or fracture. You can suffer from pain when breathing or even doing simple movements.
  • Damaged diaphragm – This muscle tissue covers the bottom of your rib cage and helps you breathe. A tear or puncture can cause pain when breathing and herniation of organs.
  • Collapsed lung – This is when tissue damage causes air you breathe in to go between the lung and chest wall instead of into your lung. This painful condition can be a partial or complete collapse, and it may require draining of chest fluid or surgery to help the tissue heal.
  • Heart injury – Trauma or a penetrating wound can cause bleeding in the heart of ruptured arteries. Serious damage can be life threatening if not properly addressed soon after your accident.
  • Organ damage – Serious trauma or wounds can injure vital organs such as your liver, kidneys, spleen, or heart. This can be caused by damaged blood vessels, broken bones, or herniation.

Causes of Chest Injuries in Accidents

The Centers for Disease Control reports that chest injuries are the third most deadly type of trauma in accidents after head and spinal damage. The most common cause of serious or catastrophic chest damage is traffic accidents. Toledo area hospitals, such as the University of Toledo Medical Center, see collision victims with chest and torso damage every day. Recovering the financial damages you will need requires having a lawyer who investigates every detail of your accident. This can allow for all negligent parties to be identified, and for a strong case for compensation being made. Chest injuries in an accident are often caused by the following:

  • Seat belts – While it might save your life, a seat belt can still cause damage to your chest. In addition to cuts and bruises, the pressure applied by a seat belt can cause a fractured sternum or broken ribs.
  • Airbags – These safety features also save many lives, but significant force is used to inflate an airbag in a fraction of a second. In addition to bruises, fractures, and abrasions, you can suffer from burns if the inflating mechanism is damaged or defective.
  • Vehicle ejections – An auto accident at a high rate of speed can eject a victim causing serious chest damage upon impact. This can happen in a car, motorcycle, or all-terrain vehicle accident.
  • Falls – Chest injuries often happen when people are walking or even standing on unsafe surfaces and fall. A fall of only a few feet can cause serious bone or lung damage.
  • Sport accidents – Falling or being struck by objects when playing sports or engaging in recreational activities can damage your ribs, lungs, or chest muscles. These accidents are common in organized sports as well as other outdoor activity in the Toledo area.
  • Accidental explosions – Many machines or even household products can explode if they are not properly made or stored. This can cause burns, cuts, and organ damage due to trauma.
  • Violence – Victims of violent acts can have serious chest damage if they are struck by an object or fall due to an assault. In addition to pressing criminal charges, you can seek financial damages if this happens to you.

Steps to Take If You Have Suffered a Chest Injury

Do not delay in seeking medical help after a serious accident. Damage to your organs or chest bone can result in permanent chronic pain, physical limitations, and even death when they fail to see a doctor and their condition gets worse over a period of days or weeks. Many car, motorcycle, or boating accident scenes pose great dangers to victims even after the dust settles. Get to safety if possible before calling for emergency help. Further steps to take after suffering a chest injury include:

  • Speak with first responders – If possible, give your account of the story to police or paramedics in order to have it recorded early. Your lawyer can help you follow up if you are unable to do so in the immediate aftermath of your accident.
  • Contact an experienced lawyer – Our Toledo chest injury lawyers understand how to navigate the complex personal injury legal process as we seek your compensation. Don’t accept any financial settlement before consulting with your lawyer first.
  • Make a record of the events surrounding your accident – Writing down a timeline of events and witness list can help you better remember things as time goes on. Share this information with your lawyer.
  • Take your recovery seriously – Follow through with your doctors’ visits and obey your doctor’s orders. Ask your doctor about how your injuries may impact your life and daily routine going forward.

A Lawyer From Kisling, Nestico, & Redick Can Help You

Traumatic accidents can cause catastrophic and permanent damage when you least expect it. Many victims suffer from damage to their arms, legs, or head, but we often don’t consider chest injuries. However, damage to your chest can be very serious, and you can face a long and painful path to recovery. Your injuries might keep you from going to work or doing other routine activities. Furthermore, medical bills from your injuries can quickly add up. Our Toledo chest injury lawyers know how great of an impact an injury can have on your life. Given Ohio’s two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims, you cannot delay in calling experienced legal counsel.

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