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Your body’s ability to perform basic movements and functions centers around your back. Every part of our body communicates with our brain via the nervous system that runs through our spinal column. Life can be very difficult if you have a back injury. A serious accident can inflict a great variety of damage to your back, and the pain that you suffer can be intense and long-lasting. Do not wait around to seek medical help and call your lawyer. Back injuries often get worse over time, and without proper treatment, you could be facing years of chronic pain and suffering. We know how you may have medical bills that keep adding up, and that it can be difficult to do many basic things such as return to work. Our Toledo back injury lawyers have represented many clients in this position and can help lead you through the entire legal process of recovering the compensation you need

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Many Accidents Can Cause a Serious Injury to Your Back

A terrible injury can impact you or your loved ones with little to no warning. Accidents frequently result in a variety of different back injuries that will require extensive medical care for the victims. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about one in five injured workers in Ohio have suffered some sort of damage to their back. Furthermore, police and first responders throughout the Toledo area see many back injuries in auto and boating collisions. The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that there are over 100,000 people injured in car accidents in our state every year. Many of these victims have serious and sometimes permanent damage to their spinal columns.

Many different catastrophic injuries can be inflicted in violent and hard-hitting accidents. Understanding the full details of your accident, and determining who holds fault, is essential to your financial recovery. Of the many types of accidents that cause back injuries, some of the most common we’ve seen include:

  • Car accidents – Traffic collisions can cause serious harm to your back if you are struck by part of your car or even ejected from the vehicle. A recent multiple car accident on Interstate 75 outside Toledo resulted in several injuries including victims with broken backs.
  • Motorcycle accidents – Another driver may fail to notice you as you ride your motorcycle. These accidents are often devastating, and many victims are ejected and sustain permanent damage to their head, neck, or back.
  • Boating accidents – Collisions involving recreational watercraft are all too common on Lake Erie near Toledo. Being hit can cause serious spinal injuries for those on a boat or those in the water who are hit by a boat.
  • Slip and falls – The owners of property must take reasonable steps to keep their guests safe. Unfortunately, walkways are not always well maintained, and a slip and fall can cause a back injury that is very painful and needs immediate medical care.
  • Workplace injuries – Thousands of workers are hurt on the job in Toledo and northwest Ohio every year. Your lawyer must understand how to seek temporary or permanent disability payments to help with the treatment of your back injury.
  • Medical malpractice – Doctors who are negligent in their work can cause serious and even permanent damage to the sensitive tissue near your spinal cord. Our injury lawyers have represented many clients in complex and hard-fought medical malpractice cases

Many Common Back Injuries Can Cause Lasting Harm

Our backs are complex structures that play an important part in all of our body’s movements. The spinal column consists of vertebrae bones, muscles, and cushioning discs that surround the spinal cord. Your spinal cord is nervous tissue that must be protected from harm, but your back must also be flexible enough to allow your body to move freely. There are almost countless ways that your back can be injured in an accident. A spine injury law firm must determine the exact injuries suffered by their clients. This will allow for the injury victims to receive appropriate medical treatment as well as sufficient financial compensation to move forward with their lives.

As Toledo back injury lawyers with years of experience, we have seen many different types of physical harm after accidents. Back injuries sustained by many victims include:

  • Spinal cord damage – Often resulting in permanent disability, a tear or puncture to your spinal cord can be caused by a hard hit or an object penetrating your body in an accident. In addition to pain, these injuries sometimes cause long lasting problems with limb movement and organ function.
  • Back sprain or strain – The tearing or stretching of a muscle or ligament in your back can affect your body’s ability to make basic movements. Some of these cases heal on their own over time, but some require medical operations.
  • Herniated discs – A ruptured, slipped, or bulging spinal disc in your spinal column can cause extensive pain and limited mobility. You may need therapy or even surgery in order to repair the damage done.
  • Broken or fractured vertebrae – Bone damage in your back can cause issues with movement, organ function, and extreme pain. Helping a broken bone properly heal will often require one or several surgical operations.
  • Whiplash – This common injury is when a sudden movement to your back or neck causes damage to your muscles or tendons. In addition to a lot of pain and limited mobility, whiplash will generally get worse over a period of days or weeks following your accident.

Seeking the Compensation You Need After a Back Injury

It’s important to take your back injury very seriously. The damage done can get much worse over time if not properly treated by medical professionals. This harm can cause for you to have greatly reduced mobility, organ problems, and chronic pain. You have the right to seek compensation from the negligent party who caused your injury. However, many people fail to take proper steps to get the treatment and damages they need. Given Ohio’s strict two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims, we encourage you to call an experienced lawyer without delay. Our Toledo back injury lawyers understand how to investigate the extent of your injuries and build a strong case for negligence against the other party.

Do not accept any offer of financial compensation before speaking with your lawyer. A back injury cannot only disrupt your life now, but it can be a lasting source of pain and suffering for months or even years to come. You need to secure damages that can help you during your entire recovery process. Our legal team can help you seek damages for the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Future surgeries and physical therapy needs
  • Lost wages due to your injury
  • Lost future earning potential and training for new types of employment
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages if the other party’s actions were extremely reckless or malicious

The Kisling, Nestico, & Redick Law Firm Can Help You

Back injuries have significant consequences. You might not be able to do many activities you once took for granted. Being unable to work or go to school can have a devastating impact on your life. Our Toledo back injuries lawyers have worked with many accident victims who have suffered harm to their back muscles, bones, or spinal cords. We know how important it is to build a strong case for your financial recovery from the party who holds responsibility for your accident. The other side will be working to reduce any liability they have to pay you. Due to this and the severity of a back injury, we encourage you to call your lawyer without delay.

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