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January 26, 2015

Choosing a safe helmet is key to protecting your brain – and saving your life – in the event of an accident. Here are four tips for how to buy a motorcycle helmet that is safe and can protect you in an accident. Also check out our tips for preventing motorcycle accidents.

Get a Proper Fit

One of the most important parts of choosing a helmet is ensuring that the helmet fits properly. If the helmet is too large or doesn’t have enough padding to support the head, then the helmet may not work as it’s supposed to and may not protect the skull and brain as it should. If you’re unsure how the helmet should fit, ask a professional to help you with fitting. It should fit snugly and shouldn’t wobble when you move your head.

Consider Eye and Face Protection

Another thing to consider when purchasing a helmet is eye and face protection. While all helmets should protect the head, others come with built-in face shields that can be essential for preventing flying debris from striking the rider’s face or eyes. While law doesn’t require shielded helmets, they do provide an additional safety component that can prevent injuries. Also of note, Ohio requires some form of eye protection.

Look for the U.S. Department of Transportation Sticker

A U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) sticker should be on the back of the helmet. The sticker certifies that the helmet meets federal safety regulations. A helmet that meets federal standards is more likely to protect your head in the event of an accident than one that is not. DOT certified helmets are also highly recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. You can also check if the Snell Memorial Foundation, which has strict motorcycle helmet safety standards, certifies the motorcycle.

Consider Weight, Style, and Comfort

Helmets come in all different types of materials, colors, and styles. When purchasing a helmet for safety, consider your preferences on all of the above. If a helmet is too heavy, too warm, or slides around on your head, it may not be comfortable, which could deter you from wearing it. To ensure that you have the best riding experience possible, always think of comfort and style when choosing your helmet.

As a note, in Ohio, you do not have to wear a helmet unless you are age 17 or younger or you have a license or endorsement with a “novice” designation, according to Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.53. However, regardless of the law, wearing a helmet is always a good idea.

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