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April 17, 2015

According to temperature readings taken at Akron Fulton International Airport, there is a steady rise throughout the month of April. On April Fool’s Day, the average high here is just 54 degrees, says WeatherSpark.com. But in a couple of weeks, at the end of the month, our average high will have climbed to a much nicer 66 degrees.

We don’t have to tell motorcyclists what that warmth means: going for a ride (especially on those extra-nice days when April temperatures vault into the upper 70s and sometimes even 80s). You feel the wind in your face, the sunlight on your skin and the freedom of the road unwinding before you. Of course, you also feel the pressure to be the most alert person on the roadway, because as all riders know (or should know), no one is more vulnerable in a motorcycle accident than the person riding on two wheels.

The most common motorcycle accident is the one in which the car turns left directly in front of you, according to RideApart.com. It usually happens because the motorist does not see you or does not judge your speed accurately. And then there they are, sitting in their car, right in front of your moving motorcycle.

In some cases, you can brake quickly and safely and avoid any contact with the vehicle. In other cases, riders maneuver their bikes safely around the obstructing vehicle. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, collisions are unavoidable and your motorcycle, and more important, your body collides with the car.

A wide variety of factors are at play in determining the extent of your injuries, including, perhaps most importantly, your speed at the moment of impact.

Then what? Do you walk away? Hopefully. But in many cases, injury victims require hospitalization for treatment of broken bones, concussions and other head injuries, extensive road rash and so on.

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