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June 30, 2022

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ebb and flow, travel plans and everyday life are affected, and as more people hit the road, there are more chances for car crashes. Weather, driving distracted, and reckless driving can all cause accidents, and you may be one of the unlucky drivers hurt or killed in an accident. With all of these elements in mind, the Ohio car accident lawyers of Kisling, Nestico & Redick have taken a look at crash statistics among the state’s counties.

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How did the Pandemic Affect Ohio Traffic?

There were several studies conducted on Ohio traffic when the coronavirus pandemic caused businesses to shut down across the state. Several companies implemented work-from-home models and with resorts and tourism numbers down, there were fewer drivers on the road.

Even with less traffic on the road, officials with the Ohio Department of Transportation reported faster average driving speeds, with one percent increase in drivers traveling 85 miles per hour on Ohio freeways.

There were more distracted driving cases reported, as well as impaired drivers.

A study from The Ohio State University found while there were fewer drivers, there was an increase in deadly crashes. When people were recommended to stay at home in 2020, traffic volumes fell by 60%. As travel picks back up, drivers should be cautious of speeding vehicles and pay extra attention to reckless drivers.

Ohio Crash Statistics

In 2021, the Ohio State Highway Patrol reported there were 1,244 fatal car crashes. Five counties accounted for more than a third of all fatal crashes across the state:

  • Cuyahoga County: 121 fatal crashes
  • Franklin County: 118 fatal crashes
  • Hamilton County: 65 fatal crashes
  • Montgomery County: 61 fatal crashes
  • Lucas: 53 fatal crashes

The Most Dangerous Counties in Ohio for Fatal Car Accidents

It probably isn’t a shock some of the most fatal counties are also the most populous. Both Franklin and Cuyahoga counties have more than one million residents. Hamilton and Montgomery have about half as many residents each. Lucas is the least populated on this list.

Cuyahoga County

With 121 fatal accidents and 1.24 million residents, Cuyahoga County experienced 5,055 injury accidents in 2021.

Franklin County

The most populated county in Ohio, Franklin County saw 121 fatal accidents and 2,842 injury accidents in 2021, with 1.3 million residents.

Hamilton County

Hamilton County is home to 823,557 residents, and with 65 fatal crashes, there were also 2,993 injury accidents.

Montgomery County

With the estimate available, Montgomery County reported 531,948 residents. They also had 61 fatal crashes, along with 1,417 injury accidents.

Lucas County

The least populated county on this short fatal accident list, Lucas County reported 424,556 residents, with 53 fatal crashes and 1,590 injury accidents.

Which is More Dangerous, Rural or Urban Driving?

There are factors that impact where it’s most dangerous to drive, like weather or construction, but the data shows there are more fatal accidents in rural areas. With the latest data from the OSHP, there were 649 rural crash fatalities investigated compared to 504 urban crash fatalities.

OVI-Related Crashes

Per OSHP statistics, there were 13,762 crashes reported across the state relating to operating a vehicle while under the influence, with 652 fatal crashes. Franklin (62), Cuyahoga (60), Hamilton (40), Montgomery (36), and Lucas (28) counties led the state in fatal OVI crashes.

Other Types of Auto Accidents in Ohio

The data above focus on crashes involving cars and other personal small trucks, SUVs, and vans. The OSHP also gathers Statistics on other types of vehicles, like commercial vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and even horse-drawn buggies.

With the latest data available, there were 170 fatal commercial vehicle crashes, with Franklin and Cuyahoga counties ranking the #1 and #2 spots. Lucas, Butler, and Wood counties each had six fatal crashes.

There were 4,005 total fatal motorcycle crashes, with 215 reported fatal. The leading counties for fatal motorcycle crashes were Cuyahoga, Franklin, Lucas, Montgomery, and Hamilton.

There were 152 reported horse-drawn buggy crashes reported, with 5 being fatal. Wayne, Ashland, Geauga, Holmes, and Ashtabula counties led in buggy crashes.

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