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February 15, 2018

The litigation process during a personal injury case often involves the introduction of at least one expert witness. An expert witness is a person who is summoned to testify in a court proceeding due to their particular experience or specialization that is significant to the case. There are various types of expert witnesses, but they all serve a critical purpose at trial. These witnesses establish or refute causation and help resolve questions of liability by offering their professional or technical knowledge on a particular subject or question.

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Consulting and Testifying Experts

Attorneys often use two different types of expert witnesses: consulting and testifying experts. Both types of experts can provide similar information, but attorneys use the information each expert provides differently.

A consulting expert provides important information regarding the case to the attorney, but they do not testify in court. Although attorneys are highly knowledgeable in their areas of practice, they often require the assistance of an expert to explain complex issues or subjects. Consulting experts help attorneys understand how to present their cases more effectively.

On the other hand, a testifying expert serves as a witness in the courtroom and delivers a testimony to the judge and jury. These experts have the ability to present their expert opinions in a manner that is easy to understand for those who are not experienced in their field.

A testifying expert’s testimony must adhere to the rules of witness discovery. In this case, the opposing attorney is permitted to have access to the information offered by these experts in advance in order to prepare a rebuttal.

Experts in Car Accident Cases

Personal injury attorneys sometimes hire an accident reconstructionist to analyze the aftermath of a car crash and reconstruct the event that occurred. These types of expert witnesses participate in the investigation by inspecting the scene of the accident and reviewing statements and testimony from others. They then apply their education and scientific knowledge to determine the cause of the accident, who was at fault, and other important conclusions vital to the case.

Experts in Product Liability Cases

Attorneys also use expert witness testimony in product liability cases. Experts in this area can use their knowledge and experience to inspect and evaluate a product to provide a professional assessment of the design or manufacture. Expert witnesses can determine whether the product is defective and what improvements could have prevented the harm that occurred.

Experts in Medical Malpractice Cases

Expert witnesses are used quite often in medical malpractice lawsuits. In these cases, the plaintiff has the burden of proof to show that the medical professionals failed to provide an expected standard of care to patients. Attorneys rely on these experts to present evidence to the court. In particular, these experts can make medical terms and other confusing topics easy to understand for the judge and members of the jury who may not have the same educational or professional knowledge.

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