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September 13, 2018

Though you may be generally aware of the frequency of work-related accidents, a closer look at the solid numbers is revealing. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation maintains data on occupational work injuries and illnesses, and the statistics are powerful proof regarding the frequency of on-the-job injuries as well as the job risks you may face.

Fortunately, Ohio workers’ compensation laws protect you if you’re hurt at work by providing monetary benefits to eligible employees. You don’t need to show that your employer was negligent in causing your injuries, but you must strictly comply with the complicated process of filing a claim.

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Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Statistics

Across the state, there were 114,600 non-fatal occupational work injuries and illnesses in 2016 for all public and private employers. The breakdown reveals that some employees are exposed to some common dangers, depending on the industry:

  • On-the-job injuries predominantly affect private sector workers, who account for 98,300 of all recordable claims;
  • Service-providing workers were roughly twice as likely to sustain work injuries as compared to goods-producing employees, at 67,400 and 30,900 respectively;
  • There were 24,200 workers injured in manufacturing jobs, primarily in the fabrication of metals and production of transportation equipment; and,
  • Employees in health services have a high risk of injuries in the workplace, as 24,600 workers were hurt on the job in 2016.

What to Do if You’re Injured at Work

Under Ohio’s workers’ compensation system, you may be able to receive monetary benefits after suffering injuries in an on-the-job accident. Following proper procedures is key, so it’s important to:

  • Get Proper Medical Treatment: Your health is a priority, so don’t hesitate to seek appropriate treatment at the emergency room, an urgent care center, or through your primary care physician. Make sure to go into detail about the accident, explain your symptoms, and tell the treating health care provider about the ways you may be restricted at work.
  • Notify Your Employer: There will likely be internal workplace procedures you need to follow, so make sure to comply with these policies. From there, it’s your employer’s responsibility to file a “First Report of an Injury, Occupational Disease or Death (FROI).”
  • Keep Records of Your Time Off Work and Medical Expenses: Depending on the specifics of your injuries, you may qualify for multiple workers’ compensation benefits, including medical costs. Document all the details, retain all receipts, calendar all doctor’s appointments, and record any amounts you spend out-of-pocket. Plus, you may be eligible for lost wages if you miss eight or more days of work, so keep track of your time away.
  • Discuss Your Work Injuries with an Attorney: You may need assistance with filing a claim, working with your employer, and communicating with an insurance company, so consult with an experienced lawyer right away. Besides, if your matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may need to appeal your claim to the Industrial Commission of Ohio. The proceedings can be complicated, but you set yourself up for success when you have an attorney on your side.

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