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June 21, 2018

If you’re driving somewhere, the last thing you want to deal with is car trouble. Whether it’s an accident or a blown out tire, few things can ruin your mood or impact your life faster. Not surprisingly, there are certain areas in Youngstown that are known for being more dangerous than others. Below is a list of some of the most dangerous highways in Youngstown.

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Interstate 76

Interstate 76 has been identified as one of the most dangerous portions of road in the Youngstown area. Looping around the south side of the city, I-76 has been the site of several multi-car piles ups in the last year. I-76 goes through several exchanges as it makes its way around Youngstown. These exchanges, which include Interstate routes 80 and 680, can lead to more congestion on I-76. This increases the odds of an accident occurring on I-76 during high-traffic times of day, such as rush hour.

Interstate 80

I-80 has been identified as another dangerous portion of highway in the Youngstown area. I-80 mirrors I-76, circling Youngstown to the north as I-76 circles it to the south. I-80 has shown itself to be particularly susceptible to accidents during winter weather. Several serious accidents have occurred in construction zones on this highway in recent months, confirming its reputation as a dangerous highway in Youngstown.

Interstate 680

I-680 passes straight through downtown Youngstown, acting as a connector for I-76 and I-80. This means that it passes through the portion of Youngstown with the heaviest rush hour traffic. This high volume of drivers makes I-680 one of the most likely places in Youngstown for a crash to happen. Since 2018 began, there have been at least two fatal crashes along this route. Between the lofty number of drivers and the near-constant usage, I-680 remains one of the most likely places in Youngstown to have a car accident.

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