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May 18, 2018

As both the state capital and the largest city in Ohio, Columbus has seen its fair share of car accidents. The city’s healthy job market has unfortunately created a significant problem when it comes to employees getting to work. As a result, Columbus has several dangerous highways that are home to a high percentage of accidents.

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Dangerous Highways in Columbus, Ohio

  • Interstate 71 – According to data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Interstate 71 is the most dangerous highway in Ohio. The highway, which averages 18 fatal accidents per year, gets extensive use from commuters, causing an influx of traffic during rush hour times. The most problematic area exists close to downtown, where the highway merges and collects traffic from the 670 interchange. Several major projects are in the works to try to make I-71 safer for drivers, including some tweaks to the 70/71 split.
  • Interstate 70 – Because of its proximity to downtown Columbus, many commuters use Interstate 70 during the week. Like I-71, this highway gets a great deal of traffic during rush hour, causing speeds to fluctuate as cars pile on. The increased road construction only worsens the hazardous conditions.
  • Interstate 670 – Like interstates 71 and 70, I-670 carries workers to downtown, and it also services popular neighborhoods, such as the Short North and the Arena District. The highway has an interchange at 71, which often leads to a massive amount of traffic trying to switch lanes while going very fast. ODOT has proposed lowering the speed limit on I-670 during rush hour to help with the congestion. The department would also open the highway’s shoulder to allow more traffic to pass.
  • State Route 161 – State Route 161, also known as Dublin Granville Road, has seen many accidents outside of rush hour traffic. Two important high-accident intersections are located east of the I-71 exit at 161 and Cleveland Avenue and 161 and Maple Canyon Avenue. Experts believe the reason these intersections have so many problems is due to the service roads that were created to reduce accidents. However, these service roads seem to cause confusion for drivers by increasing “conflict points” between drivers navigating 161 and those attempting to turn onto 161 from the service roads. The 726 crashes reported on 161 between the years 2011 and 2013 have prompted city traffic officials to develop new ideas that will make the road safer. For example, they hope to phase in mini-roundabouts and raised medians along side streets.

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