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May 30, 2017

“I have a passion for animals and I always have,” said LeeAnn Diller, a paralegal with Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s Columbus office, when referring to her work with Peace For Paws Ohio.

LeeAnn discovered Peace For Paws after seeing an online posting for a small dog that was in desperate need of a foster home. With adequate space in her fenced yard and the desire to help, she applied as a foster parent, so she could offer a safe place for dogs waiting for adoption. LeeAnn was soon paired with the same dog she saw online, eventually adopting the lovable Jeb, providing him with his forever home, “I knew I could save a life for this little dog and I never looked back.”

Founded in 2011, Peace for Paws Ohio is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization of animal lovers. It is primarily dedicated to rescuing animals from kill shelters in Ohio and surrounding states. With the high volume of dogs on “death row” throughout Franklin County, Peace for Paws steps in to offer foster homes, medical treatment, and adoption services with the motto of “save a life one paw at a time.”

According to Diller, “As an all-volunteer organization, Peace for Paws does not have a staff or a large facility to house the animals we are trying to save. All the dogs we’re rescuing are brought into our own homes, so they have a place to rest their heads and decompress while we work on getting them adopted.”

LeeAnn has fostered over 25 dogs during her time with Peace For Paws, usually choosing to care for smaller dogs, which are sometimes the hardest to place:

“Unfortunately, a lot of smaller dogs tend to wind up on death–row, mostly because they aren’t considered good candidates for adoption due to food aggression or simply being frightened by their surroundings.”

LeeAnn is currently planning a silent auction event for November 4, 2017, at the York Golf Club. This promises to be the organization’s largest fundraiser of the year and through generous donations and ticket sales, Peace For Paws Ohio will be able to continue their efforts.

“You don’t need to foster to be involved,” says LeeAnn. “Our volunteers come from all walks of life and we are always looking for people to help at our events…sometimes just holding a leash so a dog can be showcased for adoption is a big help.”

For more information about the silent auction event or to become a foster parent to a dog in need, reach out to Peace for Paws Ohio at

KNR is extremely proud of LeeAnn’s compassionate work with the four-legged members of our community. As a law firm dedicated to helping people throughout Ohio recover from serious injuries, it is inspiring to see how passionate our employees are about making significant contributions to the world.

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