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October 30, 2017

With a deep commitment towards helping the good people of Ohio, the personal injury firm of Kisling, Nestico & Redick proudly supports all the extraordinary volunteer efforts made by our employees. Regardless of position, the team at KNR, are using their time, talents, and resources to make a difference in their communities and we want to highlight some of their work and successes.

Roughly two years ago, Brooke Foor, a litigation paralegal in KNR’s Akron office came across a heartwarming story about a dog named Miracle who was saved by a local animal rescue group, Secondhand Mutts. The dog made headlines through the Cleveland area, and as Brooke followed the story, she was pleased to see the dog’s progress, thanks in large part to this organization.

“They basically nursed her back to health and when I saw the progress she made, it made me want to join that team. It had a lot to do with that particular dog,” said Brooke.

Founded in 2006, Secondhand Mutts has placed countless dogs in new homes and continues to successfully match owners with pets through adoption events, particularly at local pet stores. These events offer the chance to socialize the dogs, meet prospective owners, and generate interest in adoption.

As a lead dog chaperone, Brooke is responsible for running these events. “These animals come to us in various ways from kill shelters to owner surrenders and they all have different stories,” according to Brooke. “These events let people meet the dogs so they can start the process of adoption.”

Sometimes when a dog finds its way to this organization, its condition requires a lot of extra attention before Secondhand Mutts can start looking for a good home. If a dog needs an operation or other medical care, Secondhand Mutts will ensure they are properly treated. To aide in their treatment and recovery, the folks at Secondhand Mutts have created the Extra Mile program. They organize fundraisers to help offset costs to make sure these animals get the care they need.

“Last year there was an anniversary party for Miracle and I got to meet her and her new owner. It was nice to see that success story,” said Brooke.

To learn more about the various adoption events happening near you or how you can volunteer with Secondhand Mutts, read more about the organization at

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