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July 21, 2017

When you are in an accident, you assume the answer to your problem is to turn to an insurer for help. The best example is after a car crash. The first thing you do is notify the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company that you will be filing a claim for compensation related to your property damage and injuries. You may think you can handle the claims process yourself. After all, many insurance companies have created online forms and mobile apps to make it as easy as possible. You assume you will make the claim and in a few weeks, you will get a check. But there are many places in which the insurance claims process can go wrong. Handling the process yourself can be stressful and daunting. Your friends, family, and gut instincts are telling you to get a lawyer for help, but the insurance company says getting a lawyer involved will only complicate matters.

What Should You Do?

If an insurance company is telling you not to get a lawyer, then it is not looking out for your best interests and you should contact an Ohio personal injury attorney immediately. When a large business tells you not to obtain legal representation, it is highly likely that they are trying to take advantage of you or violating your rights. At Kisling, Nestico & Redick, we will not let this happen to you. Our legal team can represent you during the claims process and seek the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

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Keep the Insurance Company’s Client and Goals in Mind

If you are making a third-party claim against another person or business’s insurance policy, then that other party is the insurer’s client – not you. The insurer does not have a policy or a relationship with you. It will want to promote its policyholder and its own best interests – not yours. When making a third-party claim, the insurer’s goals are likely to be able to deny its policyholder’s responsibility and therefore your claim or, if it has to accept responsibility, to minimize the cost of your claim. An insurer will always seek to pay you the smallest amount possible based on your injuries and what is required by the policy.

Insurance Companies Can Act in Bad Faith

Most insurance companies will do what they have to under the law while still promoting their own interests and attempting to save money. In this type of situation, it is good to have an attorney simply to fight for the compensation you truly deserve. However, there are times when insurance companies cross the line from unethical to unlawful. Some insurance company actions that are problematic or potentially illegal include:

  • Delaying investigating your claim without a justifiable reason
  • Unreasonably demanding additional information and documentation beyond what is necessary to investigate the claim and calculate compensation
  • Not responding to attempts at correspondence
  • Harassing you or pressuring you into accepting a settlement offer
  • Denying your claim without a reason or based on an invalid reason

If you feel you are being mistreated by an insurance company in one of these or other ways and you have been advised to not get an attorney, call Kisling, Nestico & Redick right away. Not only do you have a legal right to better treatment, but the insurance company’s actions toward you may be unlawful and create a legal cause of action against it.

You Always Have the Right to a Lawyer

When in doubt, call a lawyer. You never lose out by scheduling a free consultation, explaining your situation, and hearing an objective opinion about your rights and legal options. Hire a personal injury attorney to see whether your situation is normal and you are on track to receiving the compensation you need or if you would benefit from someone stepping in and advocating for your rights.

Hiring an attorney can seem like a daunting task and it may be even scarier if an insurance company has insinuated they would not look favorably on such a move. However, you should not rely on another person’s insurance company to do what is right for you and your family.

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