How Common is Nursing Home Abuse in Ohio?

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When you trust a nursing home with your elderly loved one, you expect that they’ll be treated with the respect and high-quality care they deserve. Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed as nursing home abuse continues to be an issue in Ohio.

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Nursing Home Abuse Statistics in Ohio

According to Policy Matters Ohio, a non-profit, nonpartisan policy research organization, approximately 15,000 cases of nursing home abuse are reported each year in Ohio. However, the actual number of cases is far higher.

The organization estimated that cases of elder abuse in Ohio are above 214,000 annually but most of the cases go unreported. This is a serious problem as the senior population in the state continues to grow.

Despite the fact that Ohio law requires all counties to provide Adult Protective Services (APS), 39 of the state’s 88 counties do not have any full-time employees assigned to APS. APS is an organization designed to protect adults 60 years of age and older from abuse, neglect, and/or financial exploitation.

The counties with the highest estimated rates of elder abuse in Ohio are Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, and Summit.

Most Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

The most common signs of nursing home abuse in Ohio include:

  • Bed sores: Bed sores are the result of unrelieved pressure on an older adult’s skin. Left untreated, they can lead to infections and other serious complications:
  • Mood changes: If your senior isn’t acting like themselves and they suddenly seem fearful or agitated, nursing home abuse may be present.
  • Financial changes: Financial abuse is common in nursing homes Your loved one may be a victim of financial abuse if you notice unexplained withdrawals, unusual purchases, or missing cash from their room.
  • Inadequate hygiene: If you find that your senior is frequently unbathed and/or wearing dirty clothing, the nursing home may be understaffed and unable to provide them with proper care they deserve.
  • Unsanitary living conditions: Nursing homes must provide residents with a clean and safe environment. Unsanitary living conditions such as dirty bedding and living spaces may indicate nursing home abuse.
  • Malnutrition and dehydration: It is the nursing home’s duty to ensure their residents are properly fed and well-hydrated. Sudden weight loss, dry mouth, weakness and fatigue, tongue swelling, and cracked lips are all signs that your senior may be malnourished and dehydrated.

What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

If your older loved one is displaying any signs of nursing home abuse, question the nursing home staff and management. Also, speak to your senior in a private setting and get their perspective.

When the nursing home staff and management cannot explain the situation and your older loved one says things that make you suspect abuse, consult an attorney right away. At KNR, we will help you accurately assess the matter, guide your steps in protecting your loved one, and determining who should be held accountable.

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