Day After Crash, Truck Driver Goes Out and Causes Another | KNR
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August 16, 2015

And the second crash was far more serious than the first one.

But let’s back it up a bit. The first accident involved a truck driver that sideswiped another vehicle. The details of that accident aren’t clear, except for the fact that it was discovered that the truck driver had been working for 45 hours straight at the time of the wreck. You would think that the truck driver’s employer would pull him from the road and give him a drug test before letting him get behind the wheel of a powerful truck again. But that didn’t happen.

24 hours after that wreck, the truck driver was back out on the road, and his truck plowed into the back of multiple vehicles on Interstate 75 after he didn’t notice that traffic was slowing down in front of him. Six people were killed in the pile-up and numerous other people suffered serious injuries.

A couple of lawsuits have been filed since, as injured people look to hold the truck driver — and the truck company — responsible for their negligence.

Stories like this are a really sad reminder that the trucking industry isn’t exactly a safe and flawless field. Truck drivers routinely flaunt the rules that apply to them, and trucking companies seemingly aid an abed this dangerous behavior — even if publicly they say otherwise. People who are injured in a truck accident (or the loved ones of a victim who was killed in a truck accident) need to consult with an attorney to hold these negligent trucking parties responsible.

Source: WRCB, “Second lawsuit filed against truck driver, company in fatal June crash,” Sara Sidery, Aug. 5, 2015