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KNR Legal
Date posted
February 14, 2024

A Sweet Gesture with a Heartfelt Impact

This Valentine’s Day, KNR Legal took an innovative approach to celebrate love across Ohio and beyond. Embracing the spirit of the day, we initiated the KNR Candy Grams event, a campaign designed not just to spread joy among our team but also to contribute to a cause close to our hearts.

KNR Candy Grams: More Than Just Sweetness

Our offices were abuzz with excitement as we rolled out the KNR Candy Grams. But these weren’t just ordinary tokens of affection. Each candy gram—a chocolate rose in hues of red, white, or iridescent—was also an act of kindness. For every candy gram sent, KNR Legal pledged one dollar to support heart research through the American Heart Association.

This initiative reflects our commitment to not only serve the legal needs of Ohioans but to also contribute to the well-being of our community at large.

The response from our team culminated in a generous final donation to the American Heart Association. It’s initiatives like these that underscore our broader mission to make Ohio a safer, healthier, and more supportive.

KNR’s Commitment to Our Community & Client

At KNR Legal, our dedication to Ohio extends beyond the courtroom. Through our philanthropic efforts, like the Valentine’s Day Candy Grams initiative, we aim to lead by example, showing that businesses can and should play a crucial role in supporting community well-being.

Our ongoing mission is to not only provide unparalleled legal services but to also contribute positively to the fabric of our community.

Join Us in Making a Difference.