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KNR Legal
Date posted
January 26, 2024

KNR Answers Nationwide Call for Blood Donations

The American Red Cross has sounded an alarm that resonated deeply with KNR’s values of community service and support: a critically low level of blood supplies is threatening healthcare across the country. This shortfall represents a staggering 40% drop in blood donations over the past two decades, leading to an emergency blood shortage that affects us all.

KNR’s Response: A Commitment to Community Health

Understanding the gravity of the situation, KNR took action to contribute. We’ve encouraged our staff to participate by donating blood or plasma at local blood banks. The response from team KNR has been nothing short of inspiring. Over a dozen of our staff members, including leaders like Managing Partner John J. Reagan and Partner Anthony Hall stepped forward.

The Life-Changing Impact of Blood Donations

Blood donors play a crucial role in our healthcare system. Their generosity aids accident and burn victims, supports patients undergoing surgery, and provides critical care for those battling cancer. The need for blood is constant and urgent: every two seconds, someone in the U.S. requires blood. By answering this call, we directly contribute to saving lives and supporting healthcare providers in their critical work.

How You Can Make a Difference & Donate

We stand with the American Red Cross in urging more individuals to become blood donors. The process is simple. If you’re able to donate, visit the Red Cross’s website to find your nearest donation center and learn more about how you can contribute.

KNR’s Commitment to Our Community & Clients

At KNR, our commitment to make a difference in Ohio and beyond extends beyond the courtroom. We believe that together, through acts of kindness and service, we can face and overcome even the most daunting challenges.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Let’s unite to replenish the nation’s blood supply and ensure that those in need receive the lifesaving care they deserve.