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KNR Legal
Date posted
March 9, 2024

KNR Celebrates Irish Spirit & Community Support

Fairfield Park High School was awash with hues of green and Irish charm, setting a vibrant stage for the 5th Annual Gunselman’s Tavern Leprechaun Chase. The event’s festive decorations and spirited ambiance perfectly encapsulated the joy of St. Patrick’s Day, inviting participants to immerse themselves in the celebration.

Team KNR Joins the Chase for a Cause

Amidst the sea of eager participants, KNR Senior Paralegal Peggy M. stood ready at the shamrock-adorned starting line, embodying the firm’s commitment to community involvement and health. As the race commenced, she, along with hundreds of others, embarked on a spirited chase.

Beyond the finish line’s exhilaration, participants and spectators alike were reminded of the day’s deeper significance—a concerted effort to support Empowering Epilepsy. This esteemed organization is dedicated to fostering a supportive community for those affected by epilepsy, offering them resources and encouragement to lead fulfilling lives.

Uniting for Epilepsy Awareness & Support

Following the race, the racers, families, and friends gathered for a celebration—complete with food, music, and shared joy in making a meaningful contribution to a noble cause.

At KNR Legal, we take pride in our proactive engagement with initiatives that resonate with our core values. The Leprechaun Chase is a prime example of how we blend community service with wellness, embodying our dedication to making a positive impact. Peggy M.’s participation symbolizes our collective spirit and our ongoing mission to support meaningful causes.

Join Us in Making a Difference

KNR Legal is honored to be a part of such empowering community events, and we look forward to continued involvement in initiatives that enhance health, wellness, and communal well-being. Together, we can continue to create a positive impact, one step, one race, and one celebration at a time.