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Date posted
February 11, 2015

Actor Tracy Morgan has survived the truck accident that almost ended his career and life. While the comedian is going through rehabilitation for his injuries, the commercial vehicle accident legal case continues. Cleveland residents may have heard the recent development in the story after the truck driver involved in the incident requested to delay the civil proceedings of the case.

According to the report, the driver who operated the Walmart Transportation truck that collided with the limousine carrying Morgan and other passengers has intervened with the civil case. Reportedly, the driver asked the court to delay the civil proceedings regarding the personal injury lawsuit filed by Morgan against the retail giant. This is the second attempt by the truck driver to interfere with the case. However, the federal magistrate judge ruled against the delay, saying that the driver did not establish that he should be permitted involvement in the truck accident case.

Last summer, the Mercedes van carrying Tracy Morgan and three other passengers was rear-ended by a truck handled by Walmart. The commercial vehicle accident left the comedian and three others with critical injuries. One passenger died in that incident. Shortly after the accident, Morgan, together with the three survivors, brought legal action against Walmart Transportation. The lawsuit accused the retail giant of negligence by letting the truck driver operate the truck. Truck driver fatigued is being considered as a factor in the crash after National Transportation Safety Board learned that the driver drove more than 700 miles before starting his shift at Walmart. Despite that, the truck driver is not a defendant in the lawsuit.

Trucking companies should ensure that their drivers have the proper amount of sleep. Otherwise, any incident, injuries or deaths as a result of a truck crash involving a fatigued truck driver can be their legal responsibility.