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There are many types of hip injuries, but they can all affect your day-to-day life. Some are minor and cause slight discomfort; however, others are so severe that they can affect your physical capabilities for the rest of your life. A hip injury can mean that you are unable to return to work for weeks or months. You may be unable to remain completely mobile. It can also mean that you suffer major chronic pain or immobility over a long period of time.

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Common Causes of Hip Injuries

Hip pain stemming from injuries can be caused by overuse, repeated friction, or traumatic incidents or accidents. These accidents can range from slipping and falling, to a car accident.

Common causes of hip injuries include:


Hip pain can commonly be felt on the outside of the hip area (this is where the hip joint is located) or in the upper groin. Occasionally, however, back or groin pain can radiate to the hip. Symptoms of hip pain include limping, tenderness in the area, swelling around the hip, loss of motion, groin pain, joint pain, warmth, and difficulty sleeping on the hip.

Common types of hip injuries include:

  • Hip Bursitis: Bursae are small, fluid-filled sacs located around the hip joint. Hip bursa make smooth movements of various hip tendons and muscles possible when healthy. Hip bursa can become inflamed, however, due to trauma or repeated use. When inflammation like this happens, it can be extremely painful. Pain can radiate from the hip and make its way down the thigh. In rare cases, the bursae becomes so inflamed it could require surgery. Hip Bursitis is the most common cause of hip pain.
  • Hip Labral Tear: Labral tears involve the labrum, which is the cartilage that runs along your hip joint and keeps the ball at the top of your thigh bone securely in its socket. Tears in the labrum are often caused by trauma, repetitive motions, or sports injuries. Symptoms of labral tears include stiffness in the joint, hip and groin pain, and a “locking” sensation in your hip. Developing a hip labral tear may even make you predisposed to osteoarthritis down the road.
  • Hip Impingement: When there is unusual wear and tear between the ball and socket of the hip joint, hip impingement (also known as femoroacetabular impingement) can occur. Symptoms of impingement can include pain after sitting or walking. Often pain radiates from the hip throughout the thigh or buttocks.
  • Hip Dislocation: Although rare, hip dislocations are very serious injuries and can be caused by falls, motor vehicle collisions and other catastrophic events. If you sustain this injury you will feel intense hip pain and will be unable to put weight on the leg.

Compensation after a Hip Injury

If you have been a victim of an accident and your hip injury was caused by another person or company’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation, both for your economic and noneconomic injuries. Often, the first step in seeking compensation for a hip injury is filing an insurance claim against the individual or company at fault. However, if filing an insurance claim is unsuccessful, you may file a personal injury lawsuit. You can seek compensation for:

  • Medical Costs
  • Loss of income due to hip injury
  • Pain and suffering
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium

How KNR Can Help You

Hip injuries can be immobilizing, inconvenient and can impact your future for years to come. If you have suffered a hip injury due to another’s negligence, it is important that you seek medical attention immediately and then do not hesitate to call an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the Ohio Legal System.

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