Bus Defects May be Causing Mass Transit Accidents in Ohio | KNR
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Date posted
July 17, 2014

Many factors may contribute to bus accidents in Summit, Ohio. Authorities often question whether the bus driver followed safety rules and regulations applicable to public transportation. If the bus crash involved another vehicle, the investigator will also question the person driving that vehicle. Besides these, possible defective parts of a bus should be taken into account in the event of a bus crash.

For example a leading manufacturer of school buses and public transport vehicles in the United States, including Ohio, recently began a product recall due to a steering defect in the vehicles. According to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the recall affects more than 2,500 school buses and a small number of transit buses. The bus manufacturer stated that the steering issue was being monitored for several months and a potential defect in the steering wheel may affect buses built over the last four years. The company said that the defect made steering more difficult and increased steering effort may result in a bus accident.

The corporation also issued a recall for hundreds of other school buses manufactured between 2012 and 2013. The vehicles affected by the recall may have a possible fuel leak, which may result in a fire. A report to the NHTSA stated that a fiery bus accident may occur in a severe environment when the aluminum fuel line fitting breaks down enough to touch a brass supply valve.

Defective buses may lead to mass transit accidents, which may injure or kill passengers aboard, including children. In the event of an accident, the bus manufacturer may be held accountable for the damages, particularly if the investigation determines that bus defects play a role in the accident.